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BeyondTrust Expands Privileged Access Through Active Directory

BeyondTrust, a provider of Privileged Identity Management (PIM) solutions, this week announced the release of PowerBroker Sever Enterprise, a solution that enables access management for Linux and UNIX systems through Microsoft’s Active Directory.

In environments where Active Directory manages one part of a network, while LDAP handles another, privileged access and user oversight can be a bit of a chore. With their latest product, BeyondTrust is keeping pace with customer demand, allowing organizations the ability to manage users and accounts on Linux, UNIX, and OS X platforms – no matter if they are physical or virtual (such as cloud environments) – through Active Directory.

BeyondTrust LogoThe idea is a simple one - provide the ability to implement privileged access policy in order to log, monitor and report on all user access and activities. Thus, a user can be assigned root without ever knowing the root password, and all of their actions are monitored.

Policy creation and assignment, as well as overall management, is done through a GUI that features point and click navigation. If needed, there is also the ability to customize access events for usage with SIEM applications.

“While Linux and UNIX user accounts tend to have the most privileged access in an organization, they’re all too often being managed in silos, which presents a substantial insider threat risk,” said Jim Zierick, EVP of product operations at BeyondTrust. “The manual process of managing the multitude of separate Linux and UNIX identities increases costs and complexity, ultimately leading to compliance failures and leaving critical systems and data susceptible to security breaches.”

More information on the offering is available here

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