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BeyondTrust Acquires Lumigent, Launches New Database Security Solution

BeyondTrust today announced the acquisition of Lumigent Technologies, a Massachusetts-based provider of database security and activity monitoring solutions.

As a result of the acquisition, BeyondTrust today announced PowerBroker Database, a solution that provides IT security departments with the ability to closely monitor database activity of privileged users, assess system configurations, and capture, alert, and report on changes to critical system configuration and business data.

PowerBroker Database, Monitor & Audit is the first solution in BeyondTrust’s new PowerBroker family of products to offer core database log reading technology that enables total transparency of how data is accessed, edited and tracked and how changes to these data elements critically impact business operations, control and security.

With visibility into this data, security teams are able to more effectively monitor for potentially threatening changes to database controls. Administrators may view how data assets are accessed (and by whom), monitor changes to application controls that secure and protect the integrity of assets, and even assess the impact of changes to business and security objectives by providing a data record level audit with full field level before and after values.

“The difficulty in capturing audit data without impacting database performance, particularly when compounded by heterogeneous database environments, make Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) solutions too labor intensive to build and manage without third-party support,” said Adrian Lane, Security Analyst and CTO for Securosis. “Enterprises will do best by leveraging existing platforms, management tools and reports – which address the majority of security and compliance requirements out of the box – so they can focus on the handful of custom policies specific to their organization."

Key Benefits of PowerBroker Database, Monitor & Audit:

• Privileged user activity monitoring, access reporting and failed logins reporting

• Compliance with internal and external IT control requirements

• Reduced cost of compliance

• Increased integrity of business data, system configurations and security controls

• Detailed audit trail of all activity supporting forensic activities

• Segregation of operational and security / compliance activities

By automating entitlement, IT activity reviews and security policy review processes, PowerBroker Database Monitor & Audit simplifies the ability of its customers to implement privilege user monitoring solutions as part of their larger enterprise data and application security processes – while meeting regulatory mandates such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA, PCI, FDCC and FISMA. PowerBroker Database is available immediately.

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