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Avast Launches Security-Focused Browser for Android

Security solutions provider Avast this week announced the launch of an Android version of its Avast Secure Browser.

Previously available for Windows and macOS, the browser aims to provide users with increased security and privacy while navigating the Internet, shopping, or accessing their bank accounts on their Android devices.

The mobile application builds on Avast's 2019 acquisition of Tenta, a private browser backed by blockchain pioneer ConsenSys. Avast Secure Browser is developed based on strong encryption, including AES-256, ChaCha 256-bit, and TLS cryptographic protocols.

Featuring support for multiple DNS options straight out of the box, including DNS over TLS, DNSSEC and decentralized DNS support, Avast Secure Browser also ensures that DNS requests are both private and secure.

The browser was designed to encrypt nearly everything, ranging from bookmarks to downloads, from videos and pictures to IP addresses and DNS queries, and everything the user streams.

Additionally, the application includes a VPN to encrypt all inbound and outbound connections, supports a unique ephemeral user PIN code for device access, and features anti-tracking technologies, adblock integration, and an encrypted media vault.

“We know that our customers care deeply about security and privacy and want to be in control of their own personal data without compromising the quality of their online interactions. Our goal is to be the first all-in-one browser to secure our users' privacy along with a frictionless secure browsing experience. Adding support for mobile is another milestone in our journey towards this long-term goal,” Scott Curtiss, VP and GM of Avast Secure Browser, said.

Avast Secure Browser is available for download on the security company’s website for Windows, macOS, and Android. Avast also plans on making the application available for iOS later this year.

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