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Tom Grubb has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is currently Vice President of Marketing at Nimsoft, a provider of Unified Monitoring solutions for virtualized data centers, hosted and managed services, cloud platforms, and SaaS resources. Most recently Tom was VP of Marketing at ThreatMetrix, a provider of online fraud prevention software. Tom has held marketing and product leadership positions at Sybase, Intuit, Vormetric and Embarcadero Technologies. Mr. Grubb co-founded Bluecurve, a systems monitoring and performance management software company that was acquired by Red Hat in 2000. He began his technology industry career as an analyst and product reviewer for Ziff-Davis and IDG’s PC World Magazine

Recent articles by Tom Grubb

  • The day after Twin Towers fell, all kinds of security measures changed and new ones were implemented overnight. Is there a Web identity 911 equivalent wake-up call coming—a single event that will suddenly jolt us into enforced standards overnight?
  • When it comes to fighting online fraud, the burning issue with cookies isn’t about privacy at all—it’s about the death of the cookie as a usable way to identify your device. It’s no secret in the fraud prevention business that cookies turned stale long ago.
  • In order to know the true fraud loss number, all victims (individuals and companies) would have to accurately and honestly report all instances of fraud. Even if we had all the truth data, it would only account for failed attempts at fraud—what about all of the successful attempts that go undetected?
  • Get ready CSOs and IT security pros because the new black hat is here and you won’t see him wearing a black hat...
  • Fighting web fraud is a game of cat and mouse between fraud analysts and cybercriminals where the odds are stacked against fraud analysts. Transaction data can provide a window into behaviors that can help identify cybercrime hot spots still in formation.
  • Cybercriminals with a sufficiently large botnet have the potential computing power equivalent to a supercomputer at their disposal. A botnet can originate fraudulent transactions from many different computers from all over the world...
  • Why use a gun to commit a robbery when you can use credit cards and stolen identities? Every fraudster, scammer and organized cybercriminal knows the five Big A’s: The five big advantages of doing crime online.
  • The data and context of a web transaction can provide valuable information to manage risk very quickly, without disrupting a web transaction and without requiring web visitors to provide personally identifiable information.