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Adam Rice runs ALR Systems, LCC, an independent Security Consultancy. He has over 17 years of leadership experience within the security industry. He has filled several CSO and CISO roles, as well as positions in senior roles within Security Professional Services, Operations, and Managed Security Services. Adam has broad expertise in the establishment and management of global corporate security organizations and the management of all risks to his customers to include physical security, information security, personnel security, and executive security. Adam also spent 23 years with the US Army’s Special Forces, as an Operational Senior Special Forces NCO, with time in the regular Army and National Guard.

Recent articles by Adam Rice

  • CISPA doesn’t come close to addressing the root of the cyber security realities the country is facing. People are focusing on the information sharing as a conduit to destroy people’s privacy, which is a different argument all together from protecting our critical national communications infrastructure.
  • While many may think the term is over used, APTs are probably the most dangerous category of network-based threats to an organization. Low, slow, and stealthy, they cut with a scalpel, rather than smash with a club. The APT can infiltrate a network, rob it blind, and leave no trace.
  • Do you have a DDoS attack response plan in place? How will your organization defend against a DDoS attack? It's important to develop processes and procedures to deal with these things so you don’t have to invent a plan during the problem.
  • The Cybersecurity act is a good start, but the current language is too general and relies on the old security paradigm of stopping an attack at the front door of the target, rather than on the Internet backbone, which does not work.
  • Senior managers can be seduced by tales of ROI. Or they can be drawn to focusing on core competencies, getting off the IT OPEX express, or always funding a technology refresh. These are all good reasons to move to a cloud, but the cloud is a mysterious place.