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Apple Updates Anti-Malware After Installer Attack

Apple has updated the anti-Malware signatures for Mac OS X after a new SMS installer scam was detected online by Russia’s Dr. Web earlier this week.

The attack, while not majorly malicious or panic inducing, would have scammed users via mobile subscriptions.

“These are fake installers available on various sites disguised as distributions of legitimate software. When a user starts such an installer, they see the interface that imitates the installation wizard of a corresponding application. In order to continue the ‘installation’ fraudsters ask that the victim enter their cell phone number into an appropriate field and then specify the code found in a reply SMS. By performing these actions the user agrees to terms of a chargeable subscription and a fee will be debited from their mobile phone account on a regular basis,” Dr. Web explained

In response to the latest scam targeting Apple’s darling, they added the installer’s signature to their Xprotect.plist blacklist during one of the daily updates. Mac OS X users are protected as of this evening. Going forward, it is recommended that users avoid using SMS as a means to authenticate any program.

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