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Apple Patches Over 100 Vulnerabilities With Release of macOS Ventura 13

Apple on Monday announced the official launch of macOS Ventura 13, the 19th major release of its desktop operating system. In addition to several new features, macOS Ventura 13 brings patches for more than 100 vulnerabilities. 

A total of 112 CVE identifiers are listed in Apple’s security advisory for macOS Ventura 13, including issues that are specific to the operating system and flaws impacting third-party components.

Exploitation of these vulnerabilities can lead to arbitrary code execution, information disclosure, denial-of-service (DoS), file system modifications, security bypasses, and privilege escalation.

Exploitation in many cases requires deploying malicious applications on the targeted system. In some cases, an attack would require physical access to the device or processing malicious files.

Apple on Monday also released macOS Big Sur (11.7.1) and Monterey (12.6.1) updates, which patch three of the vulnerabilities fixed by Ventura 13.

Some of the Webkit vulnerabilities patched with the release of Ventura 13 were also addressed in the Safari web browser. 

Apple on Monday also announced patching more than 20 security holes with the release of iOS and iPadOS updates, including CVE-2022-42827, a zero-day that has been exploited in attacks. No information has been made available on the attacks exploiting CVE-2022-42827.

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