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AirWatch Launches New Mobile Application Management Solution

Mobile security and device management provider AirWatch has launched a standalone platform to handle mobile devices and apps in bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments.

AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management allows administers to manage devices, applications, content, and email. AirWatch already provided full management capabilities over company-owned devices and personal devices; now it offers application management for personal devices.

AirWatch LogoThe Secure Content Locker, with security and audit capabilities, securely distributes and shares content across devices. Secure Content Locker is available as an independent module or as a tightly integrated component of AirWatch mobile device management (MDM).

AirWatch offers flexible deployment options and "a combination of options to meet the evolving trends for BYOD," said John Marshall, the company's president and CEO.

The enterprise mobile security suite offers various deployment scenarios such as mobile application management, mobile content management, and mobile email management. AirWatch helps organizations ensure regulatory compliance, minimize internal risk, and guarantee end-user privacy and satisfaction, the company said.

Enterprises and education institutions need flexible mobile management options that take into account the owner of the device, the user's role, and the security risk level. AirWatch addresses that need with the wrapping engine, which allows organizations to grant access to VPN, Wi-Fi, email, contacts, calendar, apps, and content for end-users.

The AirWatch wrapping engine allows developers to add proprietary AirWatch features to internal apps without writing additional code. Features include forced authentication, enforcing passwords, detecting compromised devices, turning off copy and paste capabilities with the app, and disabling Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and the camera.

Customers who provide developers with tools to build internal mobile apps that can be managed with AirWatch MAM are adding convenience and flexibility to their organizations, the company said. For example, retailers can build apps that allow employees to bid on work shifts to craft a preferred work schedule.

AirWatch MAM allows IT administrator to manage internal, public and purchased apps across employee-owned and corporate-owned devices within the organization. The AirWatch MAM solution helps developers manage internally developed apps by taking advantage of advanced security and management capabilities available in the AirWatch Software Development Kit (SDK).

The AirWatch SDK offers developers app management capabilities, which can be controlled from the console. With the SDK, developers can add seamless LDAP/ActiveDirectory user authentication, compromised status and jailbreak detection, certificate provisioning, geo-fencing, custom application branding, reporting and analytics, application health and diagnostics, dynamic server-side configuration and provisioning of apps, and defining custom settings for apps.

AirWatch also offers internal, enterprise app catalogs listing recommended public apps, inform employees of useful apps, and provision and push apps directly to devices based on the user profile and organizational role.

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