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Data security startup Cyral has emerged from stealth mode and announced over $15 million in funding, which it plans on investing in R&D and customer support. [Read More]
Industry professionals comment on the Windows crypto vulnerability patched this week by Microsoft and the NSA’s decision to disclose the flaw. [Read More]
A total of 146 valid vulnerabilities were reported as part of the second Hack the Army bug bounty program, and more than $275,000 were paid in rewards. [Read More]
A computer security expert says he found that a forensic image of the election server central to a legal battle over the integrity of Georgia elections showed signs that the original server was hacked. [Read More]
Siemens has addressed several vulnerabilities this week and warned organizations about the security risks associated with the use of ActiveX in industrial products. [Read More]
Iran is widely expected to ramp up cyberattacks against the United States in response to the US killing of top Iranian leader Qasem Soleimani. [Read More]
Cloudflare has announced a suite of services for the cyber-protection of political campaigns in the United States and worldwide. [Read More]
The FBI, in a change of policy, is committing to inform state officials if local election systems have been breached, federal officials said Thursday. [Read More]
Peter Leav has been named chief executive officer of McAfee after Chris Young decided to step down. [Read More]
High-risk users are aware that they are more likely to be targeted by hackers compared to the general population, but many of them still have bad security habits, a Google survey shows. [Read More]

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John Maddison's picture
Outpacing your security capacity with digital innovation is a formula for disaster that may take you out of the running in today’s highly competitive digital marketplace entirely.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
Performing gap analysis well and remediating findings appropriately can help reduce both the number of weak points within your enterprise and your susceptibility to attack at each of them.
Gunter Ollmann's picture
CISOs are increasingly cognizant of the value deep integration of threat intelligence can bring to cloud protection platforms and bottom-line operational budgets.
AJ Nash's picture
Once we shed the shackles of “cyber” and “threat,” we free our teams to consider a full spectrum of intelligence, including support to physical security, insider threats, procurement, mergers and acquisitions, and executive decision-making.
Marc Solomon's picture
As a security professional you have several corrective measures available so you can efficiently and effectively make sense of massive volumes of data, understand what to work on next and know the right actions to take.
Torsten George's picture
Perimeter-based security, which focuses on securing endpoints, firewalls, and networks, provides no protection against identity- and credential-based threats.
Preston Hogue's picture
Retailers should ensure that they are proactively scanning for vulnerabilities in the website, as well as deploying a solution to monitor traffic.
Craig Harber's picture
Deep visibility allows organizations to see how different pieces of the overall cyber terrain are communicating with one another, enabling them to highlight potential or existing attack vectors.
Laurence Pitt's picture
Although robocalls are a pain for many of us, action is being taken to bring the problem under control.
Fred Kneip's picture
While some forward-thinking companies have created c-suite positions for IT and security personnel such as CTOs and CISOs, these are, overall, still relatively rare.