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Access Management Firm Opal Launches With $10 Million Series A Investment

Access management provider Opal has launched this week with a $10 million Series A funding round led by Greylock. To date, the company has raised $11.8 million.

Founded in 2020, the San Francisco- and New York-based startup helps organizations manage employee access by granting it more selectively, to reduce attack surface.

By limiting the amount of access employees have, the company seeks to minimize the potential damage resulting from a compromised account.

According to Opal, its approach does not hurt productivity, as employees can request for additional access rapidly, when needed. A decentralized model ensures that requests are processed faster, the company says.

Furthermore, the company notes that employees can require granular access to resources such as databases, GitHub repositories, Salesforce roles, and the like.

Opal also helps organizations meet compliance standards and ensure a low access footprint via company-wide access reviews.

“Opal’s approach is a new way of thinking about access management at scale. Its innovative approach balances usability with least privilege—empowering both end users and admins. We believe Opal will be an emerging leader in an important and large category,” Saam Motamedi, general partner at Greylock, said.

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