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Accenture Launches Cyber Ranges for Industrial Companies

Consulting giant Accenture on Thursday announced the launch of three cyber ranges designed to help industrial companies practice their cyberattack response plan.

One of the cyber ranges is located in Houston, Texas, and it focuses on the oil and gas sector, allowing companies to simulate and respond to cyberattacks impacting exploration, production, refining, or retail.

The cyber range located in Washington D.C., specifically Accenture’s Cyber Fusion Center, focuses on the utilities industry, including electric transmission and distribution. The last cyber range is located in Essen, Germany, and it’s mainly designed for organizations in the utilities and chemicals sectors.

According to Accenture, its cyber ranges provide interactive and realistic environments that can be highly useful for assessing vulnerabilities in industrial control systems (ICS), including ones typically present in critical infrastructure organizations.

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“The energy industry has the largest installed base of industrial control systems around the world, and the cyber risk has never been greater,” said Luis Luque, ICS cybersecurity global lead at Accenture Security. “Securing and defending these large and complex industrial systems requires not only improving processes and tools, but also adopting cybersecurity practices for operational maintenance and resilience programs. With the expansion of our ICS cybersecurity capabilities, we can deliver the most comprehensive security solutions tailored across the ICS environment, delivered by people who understand the zero-loss time imperative our industry expects.”

Accenture says it also plans on launching, sometime early next year, an ICS Cyber Fusion Center whose goal will be to help customers protect their industrial networks. The ICS Cyber Fusion Center will be located in Houston, Texas, and it will combine threat intelligence and vulnerability assessment services.

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