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A newly observed Go-based IoT botnet capable of self-replicating and self-propagation has been observed targeting multiple vulnerabilities for initial access. [Read More]
Vaultree has raised $12.8 million in Series A funding for its data-in-use encryption technology. [Read More]
Fortinet has announced patches for multiple vulnerabilities across products, including a high-severity authentication bypass impacting FortiOS and FortiProxy. [Read More]
A ransomware attack on MSP Mercury IT has disrupted businesses, government departments, and public authorities in New Zealand. [Read More]
Four Nigerians arrested in the UK and Sweden have been charged in the US over their role in a scheme that involved hacking and filing false tax returns. [Read More]
Russia-linked espionage group Callisto has been observed focusing on entities providing Ukraine war support. [Read More]
Meta is expected to face another large fine after Europe's data watchdog imposed binding decisions concerning the treatment of personal data by the owner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. [Read More]
On the first day of Pwn2Own Toronto 2022, participants earned $400,000 for hacking printers, routers, phones and NAS devices. [Read More]
Google resolved multiple critical-severity flaws in Android, including a bug leading to remote code execution via Bluetooth. [Read More]
Iran has arrested the deputy chief editor of Fars news agency, state media said, more than a week after the agency was reportedly hit by a cyberattack. [Read More]

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Jeff Orloff's picture
The MITRE D3FEND framework is only as effective as the planning that goes into making sure it is properly aligned with the top threats facing the organization.
Derek Manky's picture
While the number of detections has been lower so far than other types of cyberattacks, the very nature of wipers and how they’re used makes them very dangerous.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
I believe that as security and fraud professionals, we can learn an important career lesson from fictional company Entertainment 720.
Gordon Lawson's picture
Basic cyber hygiene may seem rudimentary, but as highlighted in CISA’s four key challenges above, it is something organizations of all sizes struggle with.
Torsten George's picture
When implemented properly, cyber resilience can be considered a preventive measure to counteract human error, malicious actions, and decayed, insecure software.
Galina Antova's picture
Understanding the vulnerability landscape of the XIoT to properly assess and mitigate risk is critically important to protect livelihoods and lives.
Marc Solomon's picture
When we start to consider the human element of the security automation equation, and its impact on the automation capabilities we select and how we measure progress, we can accelerate automation initiatives and the benefits we derive.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
If security can learn to communicate in a way that executives and boar members can understand, internalize, and act upon, it serves to benefit tremendously.
Derek Manky's picture
Organizations may better align their defenses to adapt and react proactively to rapidly changing attack approaches when they have a better grasp of the objectives and strategies employed by their adversaries.
Jeff Orloff's picture
By focusing on attack tactics and techniques that pose clear and present danger to the business, a company can achieve the greatest return on its training initiatives.