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Over a dozen serious vulnerabilities have been found in Moxa’s AWK-3121 series industrial AP, but the vendor only addressed them several months after exploits were made public. [Read More]
AWS has expanded its portfolio with three new services and capabilities meant to help organizations build and operate securely in the cloud. [Read More]
A hacker was able to access private customer reports on HackerOne after one of the platform’s security analysts inadvertently shared a session cookie. [Read More]
Intel's new Compute Lifecycle Assurance Initiative aims to deliver assurances of integrity throughout the entire lifetime of a platform. [Read More]
SEC Consult has open sourced the hardware and firmware components of its SEC Xtractor hardware analysis tool. [Read More]
CrackQ is an intuitive interface for Hashcat served by a REST API and a JavaScript front-end web application for ease of use [Read More]
Researchers at Malwarebytes have discovered what they describe as 'a rash of skimmers' on Heroku, a cloud platform owned by Salesforce. [Read More]
One of the vulnerabilities Google addressed in Android with the December 2019 patches is a critical vulnerability that could result in a permanent denial of service. [Read More]
A new Python-based RAT named PyXie has been used in campaigns targeting many industries. [Read More]
Federal officials are considering requiring that all travelers — including American citizens — be photographed as they enter or leave the country as part of an identification system using facial-recognition technology. [Read More]

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John Maddison's picture
To build and maintain a secure cyber presence, the best defense is to start with a security-driven development and networking strategy that builds a hardened digital presence from the ground up.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
Change may not always be on the docket, but when it is, how can we embrace it, understand it, and work to create a constructive environment around it?
Torsten George's picture
Securing multi-cloud and hybrid environments creates an unfamiliar situation for many organizations, in which they’re unsure of who is responsible for controlling access to and securing the underlying infrastructure.
Craig Harber's picture
Cybersecurity teams need actionable insight into the latest techniques, tactics and procedures being used by attackers and a continuous understanding of their environment and anomalous behavior.
Marc Solomon's picture
Having a platform that serves as a central repository allows you to aggregate internal threat and event data with external threat feeds and normalize that data so that it is in a usable format.
Preston Hogue's picture
Every piece of hardware, every integration, every API, every process, as well as applications themselves, are potential targets.
Josh Lefkowitz's picture
The successful execution of each step of the intelligence cycle relies on the successful execution of the step that came before it.
Laurence Pitt's picture
The best way to stay ahead of threats while enabling business agility to keep up with the latest technology advances is to look to the network as the first line of defense.
Fred Kneip's picture
Third party cyber risk management programs need to go beyond an initial scan and evaluate your third party’s security from the inside out.
Justin Fier's picture
The arrival of 5G will fuel an explosion of never-before-seen IoT machines, introducing uncharted vulnerabilities and opening the door for cyber-criminals to compromise our increasingly intertwined cities.