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Confirming a trend noted by other researchers, a new report from network security firm Cryptonite notes that ransomware incidents have declined over the last six months. [Read More]
Now Ziv Mador, VP of security research at Trustwave, has given SecurityWeek details of a well-organized charitable element found in numerous deep web forums. [Read More]
A 30-year-old Irish man accused of working for now defunct "dark web" marketplace Silk Road has been extradited to the United States to face charges in New York, four years after his arrest, prosecutors announced Friday [Read More]
Verodin, a company that provides a platform for assessing the effectiveness of security products, raises $21 million in Series B funding round [Read More]
Symantec announces availability of Email Threat Isolation, a new solution designed to protect enterprises against phishing, account hijacking, and other attacks [Read More]
Trump's apparent concessions to Putin over the election controversy drew stinging condemnation from across the political divide. [Read More]
A new series of reconnaissance attacks targeting ActiveX objects has been associated with the North Korean-linked Andariel group, a known branch of the notorious Lazarus Group. [Read More]
A-LIGN, a cybersecurity and compliance solutions provider, announced this week that it has raised $54.5 million from growth equity firm FTV Capital. [Read More]
The compromise of an ESLint maintainer’s account resulted in malicious packages designed to steal login tokens from the npm software registry. [Read More]
Researchers find a way to stealthily manipulate road navigation systems. Successful test attacks conducted against users in China and US [Read More]

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Erin O’Malley's picture
When ransomware strikes, there aren’t many options for response and recovery. Essentially, you can choose your own adventure and hope for the best.
Marc Solomon's picture
The human element will always remain vital in security operations, but automation will allow us to move through processes faster for better decisions and accelerated action.
Ashley Arbuckle's picture
We’ve seen an evolution from more traditional simulation exercises that use a Red Team to identify vulnerabilities and launch mock attacks and a Blue Team to detect and respond to attacks, to Purple Teaming exercises.
Steven Grossman's picture
Adding automation to the incident response process requires consideration of the possible threat vectors and the associated actions necessary to respond to those vectors.
Rafal Los's picture
Boards used to care only about one thing - that your company didn't get breached on their watch. Those days, sadly, are behind us.
John Maddison's picture
Analysis of a vendor’s underlying design and optimization approaches will enable you to select the solution that best meets your organization’s performance and budgetary requirements.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
In security, one of our goals should always be to broaden our perspective, field of view, and horizons to minimize the risk that we will be blindsided by something we didn’t see coming.
Galina Antova's picture
In assessing industrial cyber risk and prioritizing your remediation steps, it can be difficult to even determine where to begin.
Josh Lefkowitz's picture
It’s imperative that security practitioners acknowledge the often-confusing nature of insider threat, seek to dispel misconceptions, and provide clear, accurate insight whenever possible.
Torsten George's picture
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) provide hackers with multiple venues to access an organization’s data and can even be used to cause massive business disruptions.