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An electric utility in Colorado has disclosed an apparent ransomware attack that resulted in 90% of its internal IT functions getting disrupted and the loss of data from the last 20 years. [Read More]
Israeli spyware maker NSO Group is investigating reports that its technology was used to target iPhones of some US diplomats in Africa. [Read More]
Researchers flag hundreds of security flaws in routers from Asus, AVM, D-Link, Edimax, Linksys, Netgear, Synology and TP Link. [Read More]
Two Iranian nationals have been charged in Missouri for running a cryptojacking operation after a local tech company received a $760,000 bill for cloud services. [Read More]
CISA has released six advisories in the past week to inform organizations about vulnerabilities affecting several Hitachi Energy products. [Read More]
Facebook shut down over 800 accounts and pages, while Twitter suspended 3,465 accounts. [Read More]
USB drives serve as a physical medium for transmitting data to and from air-gapped systems. [Read More]
The Transportation Security Administration is issuing new directives and recommendations aimed at strengthening the cybersecurity defenses of U.S. rail and airport operators. [Read More]
Facebook Protect is meant to keep safe individuals at risk, such as government officials, human rights defenders, and journalists. [Read More]
Panther Labs, a startup that specializes in detection and response analytics, has raised a whopping $120 million in a new round of funding. [Read More]

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Torsten George's picture
Before the next Cybersecurity Awareness Month comes along, companies across all industries should consider moving to a Zero Trust approach, powered by additional security measures such as MFA and endpoint resilience.
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If you are among the growing group of organizations looking to an MDR provider to supplement your security operations with XDR, make sure you consider these three factors.
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Conducting scaled and cost-effective attack surface and digital threat monitoring gives organizations of all sizes the best chance of identifying and defeating their adversaries.
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By understanding what makes a great security practitioner, organizations can learn how to recruit and retain effective security practitioners.
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While there still isn’t a clear industry-accepted answer to Vendor risk management (VRM), there has been more interest in staying on top of and learning about the latest in this space.
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Leverage the power of the collective - the network effect – for its ever-evolving intelligence wherever possible to keep your employees free of all the bad stuff that has made it to their inboxes.
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Most cyber insurance providers are demanding that companies supply proof of their backup implementation in order to obtain an affordable policy.
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Botnets are becoming more malicious, sometimes able to create hundreds of thousands of drones that can attack a variety of machines, including Mac systems, Linux, Windows systems, edge devices, IoT devices, and so on.
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The goal of XDR is detection and response across the infrastructure, across all attack vectors, across different vendors, and across security technologies that are cloud based and on premises.
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Zero-trust network access (ZTNA) simplifies secure connectivity by providing seamless, per-use access to applications, no matter where the user or application may be located.