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Encrypted instant messaging app Signal was hit by a brief outage late Sunday that interrupted services on the platform at the same time as localised interruptions on other social media services. [Read More]
Google ships an urgent fix for CVE-2021-37973, a use-after-free security bug in the Portals API that could lead to the execution of arbitrary code. [Read More]
Attacks delivering the Netwire and Warzone (AveMaria) RATs were employing lures themed around India's National Informatics Centre’s Kavach two-factor authentication application. [Read More]
There’s a severe shortage of cybersecurity professionals and not enough financial firepower to compete with federal counterparts, global brands and specialized cybersecurity firms. [Read More]
The European Union on Friday condemned alleged Russian cyber attacks that have targeted Germany in the run up to this weekend's election for Chancellor Angela Merkel's successor. [Read More]
Active since at least 2019, the hacking group is mainly focused on hotels, but also targeted engineering and law firms, and international organizations. [Read More]
Google has observed a new code signing trick being used by a financially motivated threat actor to help its Windows files evade detection. [Read More]
A critical vulnerability patched by SonicWall in its SMA appliances can allow an attacker to disrupt devices or gain administrator access to them. [Read More]
LG is acquiring Israel-based vehicle cybersecurity company Cybellum for roughly $240 million. [Read More]
The document is aimed at helping federal agencies secure their networks through the use of IPv6. [Read More]

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Joshua Goldfarb's picture
The question of the importance of the state of a client device is a debate that has been around for a few years in the security field.
Landon Winkelvoss's picture
Security and intelligence teams often lack finished intelligence, which leaves them ill-equipped to combat motivated and sophisticated adversaries.
Keith Ibarguen's picture
Great franchise players can be attracted and retained, but not without addressing how people today find and maintain their career sweet-spot and are motivated by what they are doing, and that is not built by accident.
Marc Solomon's picture
Evolving our definition of detection to encompass greater breadth and depth of understanding through internal and external data aggregation, correlation and investigation, delivers the information we need to execute faster with confidence.
William Lin's picture
After every company goes through digital transformation, their threat model will change in response.
Idan Aharoni's picture
Plausible deniability provides a massive operational leeway to military operations in cyberspace, enabling governments to take actions without risking an all-out war.
Yaniv Vardi's picture
Whether your company is assessing your existing capability to detect and respond to threats within your OT environment or considering new solutions, these three questions can help guide your evaluation:
Derek Manky's picture
As we see an increasing number of recent attacks against critical infrastructure – cybersecurity and physical security can be intrinsically linked.
Laurence Pitt's picture
The flexible and secure nature of the cloud allows security and application teams to focus on defining strategy for the future rather than being consumed by the management of what is in place today.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
As difficult as it may be, particularly in recent years, it is in the security team’s best interests to keep politics out of the workplace. There are plenty of issues and challenges every security team already faces. No need to add to them.