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Spain's prime minister vowed to tighten oversight of the country's secret services in the wake of a scandal over the hacking of top politicians' mobile phones that has roiled his fragile coalition government. [Read More]
SYN Ventures has closed a new $300 million fund and announced the addition of serial entrepreneur Ryan Permeh as full-time operating partner. [Read More]
Cloud security firm Lacework has announced laying off 20% of its staff as a result of restructuring. [Read More]
Broadcom announces acquisition of VMware for $61 billion in cash and stock, and VMware will absorb Broadcom’s security software solutions as part of the deal. [Read More]
McAfee Corp. announced that Greg Johnson has been appointed President and Chief Executive Officer, effective June 13, 2022. [Read More]
Eclypsium discovered that QCT servers are affected by the old BMC vulnerability identified as CVE-2019-6260 and Pantsdown. [Read More]
Several critical and high-severity vulnerabilities have been found in the Open Automation Software Platform, used for connectivity between ICS, databases and apps. [Read More]
witter will pay a $150 million penalty and put in new safeguards to settle federal regulators’ allegations that the social platform failed to protect the privacy of users’ data over a six-year span. [Read More]
Xona Systems, an Annapolis MD-based provider of remote authentication and access to the critical infrastructure, has raised $7.2 million in Series A funding. [Read More]
A 37-year-old man from Nigeria has been arrested for his alleged role leading a cybercrime group. [Read More]

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Jeff Orloff's picture
Cybersecurity teams must be much more inclusive in their hiring processes, if they want to hire the best people and have loyal staff.
Keith Ibarguen's picture
As email security is an ever-changing landscape, focusing on the most relevant issues in the threat landscape is where organizations need to start.
Marie Hattar's picture
As IoT adoption increases within healthcare, healthcare organizations and device manufacturers will need to prioritize the security of connected medical devices to keep patient data private and ensure the safety of the patient.
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Here are three challenges CISOs should prepare for as the ripple effects of the SEC amendments make their way through to board recruitment processes.
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In addition to helping security teams recruit and retain the talent they need, employee wellness brings other benefits. Here are five ways in which wellness is good for security:
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There are seven immediate steps you can take to put your organization on the path toward better situational awareness and risk reduction to protect critical infrastructure.
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The surge of cyber attacks in 2021 was a wake-up call for consumers, who felt the firsthand effects that can result from a breach.
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Most organizations want to adopt DevSecOps practices, but their current practices are closer to traditional waterfall methodologies than the agile practices described in this DevSecOps manifesto.
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Linux is becoming a more popular target for attackers as it operates the back-end systems of many networks and container-based solutions for IoT devices and mission-critical applications.
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With the labor market for cybersecurity pros being extremely tight, the old ways of recruiting are rife with weaknesses and biases, while the urgency to recruit people is intense.