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Operation Groundbait - a cyber espionage/surveillance campaign targeting separatists, government officials and politicians in Ukraine [Read More]
Yahoo paid out over $1.6 million through its bug bounty program for 2,200 eligible vulnerability reports [Read More]
VMware releases updates for several of its products to address a couple of security issues rated critical and important [Read More]
Apple releases security updates for OS X, iOS, Safari, iTunes, watchOS and tvOS [Read More]
Critical Symantec antivirus engine vulnerability found by Google researcher can be exploited by sending a file to the targeted user [Read More]
Latest Flash Player zero-day delivered via malicious Office documents. Flaw similar to one exploited in 2015 by Pawn Storm [Read More]
A clickfraud botnet that has ensnared more than 900,000 devices hijacks search results to help cybercriminals make a profit [Read More]
Researchers have identified several new domain generation algorithm (DGA) variants used by malware and exploit kits [Read More]
An update for the open source file archiver 7-Zip patches serious vulnerabilities discovered by Cisco researchers [Read More]
Russia-linked cyberspy group Pawn Storm targets the German Christian Democratic Union, the political party of Chancellor Angela Merkel [Read More]

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Jim Ivers's picture
What is missing from the conversation is how large a role software plays in the IoT equation. Plugging something into the Internet does not make it work -- it just makes it vulnerable.
Mike Lennon's picture
For the past several years, enterprise security leaders have been challenged with the task of locking down endpoints with traditional security solutions that are proving to be ineffective against todays threats.
Simon Crosby's picture
Attackers return again and again to vulnerable components like Flash because they can keep tapping into perennial vulnerabilities.
Jim Ivers's picture
Experienced organizations learn that security is not a drag on performance, but can provide productivity gains by eliminating security vulnerabilities early in the development process.
Simon Crosby's picture
While flexibility offers countless benefits for corporations and their employees, this new emphasis on mobility has also introduced a new set of risks, and this in turn re-ignites a focus on endpoint security.
Jim Ivers's picture
Hackers are creative by nature, so you have to use your imagination to think like one. Once you can see your organization from a hacker’s point-of-view, you will be equipped to defend your organization like a security pro.
Scott Gainey's picture
To replace antivirus, consider alternatives that integrate prediction, prevention, detection and remediation to protect against advanced threats that employ a wide variety of attack vectors.
Bill Sweeney's picture
As data moves online, social engineering techniques have become far more personalized, technologically advanced and ultimately successful.
Simon Crosby's picture
We owe the richness of today’s Web to the micro-payment model of online advertising, and it is difficult to imagine an alternative. But there are consequences for anyone who uses the Internet, although they may not realize it.
Jim Ivers's picture
Security must be built into IoT devices and systems just like any other application. Security practices must be followed.