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BlackBerry patched an authentication bypass vulnerability affecting its smartphones as well as an information disclosure issue impacting BlackBerry Enterprise Server this week.
Google has updated Gmail spam filters to block out emails coming from addresses using suspicious combinations of Latin and non-Latin characters, the company said on Tuesday.
Adobe released security updates for Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat to address several critical vulnerabilities, including one (CVE-2014-0546) that has been exploited in the wild.
Microsoft patched 37 vulnerabilities today as part of its Patch Tuesday release.
Microsoft has announced its intention to stop supporting older versions of the Internet Explorer Web browser starting with January 12, 2016.
FinSpy Mobile surveillance software does not work on iOS unless the phone has been jailbroken, according to a leaked document apparently belonging to Gamma Group International.
In an attempt to prove how simply passwords could be cracked, the firm took a sample of 626,718 hashed passwords collected during thousands of network penetration tests and cracked more than half the passwords within the first few minutes.
Google is counting HTTPS use in its search engine rankings, and wants to promote HTTPS use around the Web.
In an open letter to Automotive industry CEOs, a group of security researchers called upon automobile manufacturers to build cyber-security safeguards inside the software systems powering various features in modern cars.
A critical, remotely exploitable vulnerability has been found in the popular Custom Contact Forms WordPress plugin that allows users to easily customize every aspect of the contact forms they embed into their websites.

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