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POS malware is on the rise, and retailers need to secure their systems, researchers say
Kaspersky Lab says there has been an uptick in recent months of malware authors attempting to use TOR to hide their infrastructure, as well as a growth in criminal marketplaces.
Two Bitcoin exchanges were hit recently by hackers, causing one to shutdown.
Website was hit with an extortion demand and a DDoS attack during the past several days.
The Gameover Trojan has added a rootkit to make itself more difficult to remove.
Adobe patched a group of Flash Player vulnerabilities today, including one being targeted by attackers.
CrowdStrike's Endpoint Activity Monitoring (EAM) helps customers gain real-time insight into attacks and explore the rich Stateful Execution Inspection data collected by sensors.
Cylance has released CylancePROTECT, a new offering that takes a “mathematical and machine learning approach to stop the execution of malware on endpoint computers and mobile devices.”
Technical details of 'TheMoon' worm were leaked online as the worm spreads
A new Trojan has been spotted targeting login information for bitcoin sites, according to Secure Mac.

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The anti-malware industry sometimes sees more complicated problems than you might imagine, and they can’t all be fixed by tweaking detection algorithms or giving the marketing team a productivity bonus.
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Malvertising - Popular websites, blogs, and ad networks are fast becoming the preferred means of cybercriminals, identity thieves, and hackers to steal consumer information and distribute malicious content.
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Anti-virus products scan for malware in two ways. They look for sequences of bits that are found in programs that are known to be “evil” (but which are not commonly found in “good” programs)...