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Google has updated Gmail spam filters to block out emails coming from addresses using suspicious combinations of Latin and non-Latin characters, the company said on Tuesday.
Ben Williams, a senior security consultant at global information assurance specialist NCC Group, has showed that while email and Web filtering products and services play an important role in protecting an organization against cyber threats, their flaws can be leveraged in the reconnaissance phase of an attack.
Microsoft said it is scrambling Outlook email messages in transit to thwart spying by governments or others.
IT security professionals aren’t getting the business expertise skills they need at their current companies and positions, and are therefore looking elsewhere.
The minds behind want to keep TrueCrypt encryption software alive - either by picking up where the original developers left off or building on their code to create a new product.
A new push to encrypt email, keeping messages free from government snooping, is gaining momentum.
AOL said it had launched an investigation with federal authorities into a security breach that allowed hackers to gain access to around two percent of its email accounts.
AT&T is offering a new cloud-based security solution designed to protect customers against malware and malicious websites while offering security policy control across enterprise, web, social and mobile networks.
The 'Darlloz' worm is going after your digital dollars, as well as devices that make up the Internet of Things, according to new research
Google announced that its Gmail service would use added encryption to protect against eavesdropping and keep messages secure.

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The past two years have seen significant rise in the adoption of cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), however the ever-present concern over security has greatly impacted its growth within email security.