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Many say that Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server breached rules about protecting classified documents from cyber attack and may have amounted to a crime. [Read More]
Panda Banker, an offspring of the infamous Zeus malware, was recently observed in a massive infection campaign where millions of spam messages were sent to potential victims. [Read More]
PhishMe, a company that helps organizations teach security awareness by educating employees on how to identify phishing attacks, today announced it has raised a whopping $42.5 million in funding. [Read More]
More than half of Alexa top 500 domains can be spoofed because their owners failed to properly configure email authentication [Read More]
Business email compromise (BEC) scams have resulted in losses of $3.1 billion from 22,000 victims as of May 2016. [Read More]
A vulnerability in Verizon’s webmail service could have been exploited by hackers to silently forward emails [Read More]
Thousands of Let's Encrypt users saw their email addresses being exposed when the open certificate authority (CA) started sending a notification to active subscribers. [Read More]
$2.3 billion stolen from 17,642 victims in at least 79 countries. These are the current figures for the growing scourge known as business email compromise (BEC). [Read More]
German federal CERT (CERT-BUND) warned that malicious emails containing fake invoices as Word documents contain a personal salutation and business role of the receiver. [Read More]
An official inquiry has found serious shortcomings in how US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in her former post as secretary of state managed the security of their emails. [Read More]

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Let’s look at what e-mail hacking is really all about and why it could be much more painful than just having to sort through our spouse’s energy drink messages.
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Transport Layer Security is a means of securing the transmission of email between two MTAs (mail transfer agents). In this column, I’ve highlighted some of the other things that can be done with TLS besides this opportunistic encryption of email.
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Inbound email to your firm containing important communications related to revenue or customer service could be blocked by your own anti-spam software. How can you prevent against false positives?
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Interest in Converged Infrastructure solutions has been surging due to the demands of cloud computing. This trend toward Converged Infrastructure has important implications for the email security IT infrastructure.
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Thinking of migrating mailboxes to a cloud provider? The email backbone is an important architectural tool when dealing with the migration of email mailboxes and maintaining email integrity during the migration process.
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These best practices for DKIM can help you get more email delivered and lower the likelihood that a message will be categorized as spam.
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The driver for choosing SaaS as a deployment model is typically cost. But SaaS as a model for CRM can have a downside when it comes to email—the potential for deliverability problems.
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One of the best ways to optimize security for messaging infrastructure is to leverage the power of something already deployed—the corporate directory.
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Enterprises today need to not only understand how Data Leak Prevention (DLP) impacts their organization, but also need to be aware of DLP specifically as it relates to email.
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DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) was created as an Internet standard method of instilling trust back in email. These best practices around DKIM verification outline what organizations should consider in order to trust email and prevent phishing.