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Researcher discloses backdoor affecting video recorders and IP cameras from Dahua. The vendor has started releasing firmware updates [Read More]
Robots affected by vulnerabilities that can be exploited for spying, sensitive data theft, and even to cause physical harm or damage [Read More]
A remote command execution (RCE) vulnerability has been found by a researcher in Siklu EtherHaul radios [Read More]
Rapid7 adds hardware bridge to Metasploit framework - penetration testers can use it to analyze IoT hardware and software, ICS and SDR systems [Read More]
Printers from various vendors are affected by vulnerabilities that can be exploited for DoS attacks, stealing sensitive data and accessing enterprise networks [Read More]
A flaw in Samsung SmartCam cameras allows a remote attacker to execute arbitrary commands with root privileges [Read More]
D-Link has hired government accountability organization Cause of Action Institute to defend it against “baseless” FTC charges [Read More]
St. Jude Medical has patched some of the vulnerabilities found by MedSec, but the vendor insists the risk of cyberattacks is extremely low [Read More]
FTC files lawsuit against D-Link, accusing the vendor of making false claims about how secure its products are [Read More]
The FTC is offering $25,000 for an innovative tool (hardware or software) that can secure home IoT devices [Read More]

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