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Yahoo’s recently-appointed VP of Information Security and CISO said on Wednesday that as of this week, Internet traffic moving between Yahoo’s data centers is now fully encrypted.
A recent senate hearing examined the progress in implementing the White House cybersecurity executive order as well as understanding the challenges facing public-private information sharing programs.
Intel is leading a $900 million financing round with a "significant" investment which will give it an 18 percent stake in Cloudera, the companies said.
Investors are pumping millions of dollars into encryption as unease about data security drives a rising need for ways to keep unwanted eyes away from personal and corporate information.
The FTC alleged that Fandango and Credit Karma both disabled the SSL certificate validation process in mobile apps, making them vulnerable to Man-in-the-Middle attacks.
Chinese telecommunications equipment giant Huawei pledged to protect cyber security, following reports this month that a US government agency had been secretly tapping the company's networks.
FireEye has released a new report that analyzes 11 zero-day vulnerabilities discovered in 2013 by the security firm and provides context around the threats these vulnerabilities create for enterprises, along with mitigation guidance.
Google on Saturday warned that its Public Domain Name System (DNS) service has been intercepted by the majority of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Turkey.
Rapid7 announced a number of enhancements to its IT security data and analytics solutions portfolio, including its Nexpose, UserInsight and Metasploit Pro offerings.
A plan to give control of the Internet's technical operations to a diverse range of groups, including governments and businesses, instead allowing the state sole power, is gathering international support.

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Wade Williamson's picture
If criminals can’t use or sell stolen data without being caught, then the data quickly becomes worthless. As a result it’s critical to understand what happens to data after a breach.
Marc Solomon's picture
The energy sector requires an approach to cybersecurity that doesn’t rely exclusively on air gaps or point-in-time detection tools but addresses the full attack continuum – before, during, and after an attack.
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During the RSA Conference we heard a lot about the changing landscape of threats and how attackers are becoming more sophisticated and better funded every day. So naturally the debate ensued around whether keeping pace and ultimately closing the gap is a question of technology, spend or approach.
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The worst time for an enterprise to discover a gap between what they expected and what they need is during a cyber attack. Here are five questions that enterprises should ask about actionable intelligence now, not later.
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What needs to change is the perception that the primary role of IT is in safeguarding and blocking data from being viewed by an outsider.
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Security Metrics are critical for our ability to do better at our jobs, to quantify where we are succeeding and to measure what works, and how well it's working.
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Focusing more on availability-based attacks, the security friction surfaces are now wider than ever, and much more dynamic for enterprises, cloud service providers and carrier organizations.
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Here are five things I recommend security pros keep in mind when navigating the line between tight security and keeping the organization running at peak proficiency.
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Enterprises must find the right balance to deliver a mobile security environment that meets productivity and flexibility needs without putting devices, apps, or data at risk.
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The concepts of defense in depth have been with us for years -- hundreds of years, if not thousands. Maybe we can learn something from those architects of warfare from the Middle Ages?