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The hacker who launched a massive DDoS attack against Dyn, which operates a key hub in the internet, was probably a disgruntled gamer, said Dale Drew, chief security officer for Level 3 Communications. [Read More]
Identity management company Okta launches public bug bounty program with rewards of up to $15,000 per bug [Read More]
ImageWare has launched what it describes as the "first ever multimodal biometric authentication solution for the Microsoft ecosystem." [Read More]
Over 400 million accounts allegedly stolen from FriendFinder Networks websites, including Adult Friend Finder and [Read More]
RiskIQ, which helps detect digital threats stemming from areas such as the Web, malvertising and social media, has closed $30.5 in a Series C funding round led by Georgian Partners. [Read More]
The details of hundreds of thousands of PageGroup customers were exposed online by Capgemini [Read More]
A new survey and report shows strong faith but poor confidence in current data analytics. [Read More]
A vulnerability in OAuth2.0 could result in an attacker being able to sign into a victim’s mobile app account and take control of it, security researchers have discovered. [Read More]
Cisco prompted a password reset for the user accounts on its Cisco Professional Careers mobile website after a security researcher discovered a vulnerability in the portal. [Read More]
Cyber threat protection and intelligence firm FireEye this week launched new cloud-based network security and threat intelligence offerings amid improving finances with its earnings report for the third quarter of 2016. [Read More]

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Adam Meyer's picture
Establishing a cyber threat intelligence capability is a strategic decision that takes patience and diligence, but which can change cybersecurity outcomes for the better over the long haul.
David Holmes's picture
Since Dyn is the major DNS provider for Twitter, Github, and Spotify, the knock-on effects of the massive DDoS attack have had a global reach.
Rafal Los's picture
If you’re tired of changing your passwords using complex formulas you’ll never remember and have found yourself wondering just what your corporate security team is thinking, this post is for you.
Steven Grossman's picture
Beginning November 30, 2016, DoD third party contractors will be required to establish and maintain an insider threat program.
Marie Hattar's picture
Marie Hattar of Ixia looks at the growing armies of botnets, and how their tactics can be nullified using intelligent IP address filtering.
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OODA loop is a well established concept often used in security which originated in the military. OODA stands for Observe, Orient, Decide, Act.
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Password proliferation is bad, for many, many, many reasons. But the worst reason is that people tend to re-use passwords all over the place.
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Two-factor authentication (2FA) is becoming more mainstream for businesses; however, businesses need to consider how 2FA should be implemented to maintain both external and internal control.
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One key aspect of making threat intelligence practical is to ensure the intel is evaluated. What do I mean by this?
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A security delivery platform delivers visibility into lateral movement of attackers, accelerates detection of data theft activity, and can reduce the overhead, complexity, and costs associated with security deployments.