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A vulnerability related to certificate pinning allows sophisticated MitM attackers to deliver malicious add-ons to Firefox and Tor Browser users [Read More]
Cisco has found a zero-day vulnerability in IOS software after further analyzing the exploits leaked by Shadow Brokers [Read More]
Oracle has agreed to acquire Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) firm Palerra for an undisclosed sum. [Read More]
Cisco patches critical remote command execution and high severity DoS vulnerabilities in WebEx Meetings Server [Read More]
A group of hackers calling itself Fancy Bears, believed to be linked to Russia, has leaked confidential data on 25 additional athletes [Read More]
The SAP Security Patch Day fixes for September 2016 address 19 vulnerabilities, including a couple of serious flaws in ASE [Read More]
Hackers breached servers of paid-to-click service ClixSense and stole 6.6 million user records and source code [Read More]
Over 320,000 financial records likely stolen from payment processor BlueSnap or its customer Regpack, but neither of them admit being breached [Read More]
UnifyID uses machine learning to analyze a range of behavioral characteristics that currently combine to authenticate an individual with a claim of 99.999% accuracy. [Read More]
A botnet of only 6,000 infected smartphones can cause serious disruptions to the 911 emergency services of a US state via TDoS attacks [Read More]

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Nathaniel Gleicher's picture
Cybersecurity defenders face a similar problem to the Secret Service: they are defending high-value assets that must be protected, but also have to speak to hundreds or thousands of other servers.
Jim Ivers's picture
Organizations should fear security concerns when considering moving applications to the cloud. But they need to recognize that moving web applications to the cloud does not make them secure.
Eddie Garcia's picture
A common misconception about native HDFS encryption is the belief that the data is encrypted when written to disk on the data nodes like most disk encryption solutions.
Adam Meyer's picture
As a defender, your mission is to reduce the impact of cyber threats to your organization. A good day means that the organization was not impacted by a cyber event.
Jennifer Blatnik's picture
While using containers to secure your organization is a relatively novel approach, it can lead to cost savings and massive scalability.
Ken McAlpine's picture
Once you have an understanding of where your security risks are, you can make better choices about what types and what sources of threat intelligence are most applicable.
Ken McAlpine's picture
While consuming, consolidating, and correlating information provides obvious benefits, always keep in mind how you and your organization can also contribute back to these information feeds.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
Analytics is becoming ever more important, and in my opinion, it is an important part of the future of information security.
David Holmes's picture
The portion of encrypted traffic keeps rising, so IT security administrators will be forced to do more SSL decryption if they are to get any value at all out of their fancy security tools.
Travis Greene's picture
While Identity and access management (IAM) is a mature discipline supporting internal employee access to applications, what is the future of IAM in support of end customer interactions?