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Cisco patches critical and high severity vulnerabilities in FirePOWER and TelePresence products [Read More]
By February 2017, Microsoft warned that both Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer will block SHA-1 signed TLS certificates. [Read More]
Security flaws found by researchers in Samsung’s SmartThings apps can expose smart homes to hacker attacks [Read More]
Fortinet has unveiled its new Fortinet Security Fabric architecture and a powerful new FortiGate 6000 series firewall designed to tackle the increasing demands from encrypted network traffic. [Read More]
Experts comment on the Bangladesh Bank hack and its implications for the financial industry [Read More]
Developers expose sensitive business information by leaking Slack authentication tokens on GitHub [Read More]
Despite it's privacy and end user security benefits, SSL and TLS traffic encryption brings its own problems for businesses. Encryption is already used by criminals to hide malicious traffic on the basis that defenders cannot find what they cannot see. [Read More]
It took Microsoft only 7 hours to patch a serious Office 365 vulnerability that could have been exploited to hack into accounts [Read More]
A new version of the NTP daemon patches several low and medium severity vulnerabilities [Read More]
Qatar National Bank (QNB) launches investigation after someone leaked data allegedly stolen from its systems [Read More]

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David Holmes's picture
How do you secure application components when they’re shifting from cloud to cloud? Any traffic traversing from one public cloud to another is by definition crossing the Internet and should therefore not be trusted.
Wade Williamson's picture
The ability to quickly and reliably detect lateral movement in the network is one of the most important emerging skills in information security today.
Jennifer Blatnik's picture
While it’s important to have multiple layers of defense, more emphasis needs to be placed on how companies integrate, update and manage their security.
Shlomo Kramer's picture
By realigning the network perimeter to accommodate the new realities of the Cloud and mobility, businesses can rationalize the way they enforce security.
Travis Greene's picture
It’s been said that the military is always preparing to fight the last war. Are we doing the same in IT security? Are we doomed to always react to the threat?
Danelle Au's picture
If security teams can automate how they validate security risks, we they shift focus from the easy challenges and onto the important things.
Avi Chesla's picture
A virtual security box transforms all security products and services into virtual security resources, decoupled from the underline security physical infrastructure.
David Holmes's picture
A determined attacker could almost certainly find another, easier (non-SSL) vulnerability much faster and cheaper than by using DROWN.
Wade Williamson's picture
Data science and machine learning models can assess large groups of cyber threats to find the subtle traits they have in common to better protect organizations.
Jim Ivers's picture
Aside from tools, there are many types of application security testing that can be used to find vulnerabilities in software. An organization must consider multiple software security testing methods to really manage its risk.