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Attackers are modifying the firmware on Cisco routers to breach enterprise networks. Mandiant has spotted 14 compromised routers across four countries.
NETGEAR has released a firmware update to address a vulnerability in its WMS5316 ProSafe 16AP Wireless Management System that could result in authentication bypass and privilege escalation.
Tripwire launched Tripwire Asset Discovery Appliances, a high-performance, device and application discovery solution that is easy-to-deploy on all types of networks.
This webcast will show you how nano-segmentation delivers the most granular, adaptive security across your data centers and public clouds.
The new Webroot IoT Security Toolkit offers integrated protection against threats such as malware and zero-day exploits, as well as internal vulnerabilities.
Palo Alto Networks unveiled its powerful PA-7000 family of next-generation firewalls, described as powerful and scalable devices suited for operation in service provider, large enterprise, and Internet gateway environments.
Malicious actors are abusing the Portmapper service to amplify their DDoS attacks, Level 3 has warned.
Cylance has raised $42 million, which will be used to accelerate sales and marketing, and help support business expansion globally.
AlienVault, a provider of security management tools and threat intelligence solutions, has launched an updated version of its Open Threat Exchange (OTX).
UK-based Darktrace, a cybersecurity startup that leverages machine learning and mathematics to detect threats, has raised $22.5 million in Series B funding from investment firm Summit Partners.

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David Holmes's picture
If LE succeeds, it might influence the rest of the CA industry to get its act together. It might drive many of the slightly sketchy bargain CA companies out of the market.
Torsten George's picture
IoT opens up companies all over the world to more security threats, and only time will tell if the IoT vendor community can come together to create a common security framework that helps shrink the security risk iceberg and minimize the risk of cyber-attacks.
Alan Cohen's picture
Insecurity of any time stems from a common psychological cause -- fear. Fear is generally a reaction to something immediate that threatens your security or safety. Fear itself can harm one’s judgment and prevent teams from taking action.
Rafal Los's picture
These two key pieces of data from your network infrastructure are invaluable to your security analysis - yet you likely don’t ever look at it, you most certainly don't have access to it and you probably wouldn't be able to make sense of it if you had it.
David Holmes's picture
Secure BGP is a long way off, but the window for obtaining fraudulent certificates via BGP hijacking may be closing anyway, as HTTP pinning sees more and more adoption.
Jason Polancich's picture
it seems most just don’t see that cyber intelligence needs to become a prioritized, resourced part of what they’re already doing.
Alan Cohen's picture
If vaults deep within the building protect banks from bank robbers, why do so many security professionals focus so much attention on their data center’s front door?
Marc Solomon's picture
Accepting the reality that some attacks will get through, security effectiveness must be measured by how quickly we detect a compromise and stop the exploitation of that attack.
Alan Cohen's picture
Many CISOs say that action they undertake in their first six months on the job is to determine the most valuable and most at-risk actions and take steps to mitigate the risk. How can they take those steps while also addressing the catch-22?
David Holmes's picture
As new SSL vulnerabilities surface, we can use our enterprise-specific categorization to decide if it’s going to be a Godzilla day or a Hello Kitty day.