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Palo Alto Networks improves Next-Generation Security Platform with more than 70 new features and launches new firewalls [Read More]
Carbon Black CTO Mike Viscuso talked to SecurityWeek to explain why its new Streaming Prevention technology is necessary, and how it works. [Read More]
Critical SQL injection vulnerability in McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) is ideal for profiling the users and infrastructure of a targeted organization [Read More]
Cisco patches critical authentication bypass vulnerability in Prime Home remote management and provisioning solution [Read More]
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) announced on Wednesday that it has acquired Niara, a provider of User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) software, for an undisclosed sum. [Read More]
Printers from various vendors are affected by vulnerabilities that can be exploited for DoS attacks, stealing sensitive data and accessing enterprise networks [Read More]
A serious authentication bypass vulnerability affects more than 30 NETGEAR router models. Patches available for many devices [Read More]
IBM patches two XSS vulnerabilities discovered in its InfoSphere BigInsights analytics platform by a Fortinet researcher [Read More]
Cisco issues proper fix for the critical vulnerability in the WebEx extension for Chrome. Fixes for Internet Explorer and Firefox still not available [Read More]
Cisco has patched critical and high severity vulnerabilities in its TelePresence and Expressway collaboration products [Read More]

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Jennifer Blatnik's picture
Focusing on securing an endless amount of endpoints is almost impossible to do effectively. You can’t rely on the devices to be secure and you can’t rely on the consumers to secure their devices themselves.
Alan Cohen's picture
While there are clear security benefits gained through network segmentation, the principal goal of creating subnets is to improve performance, avoiding broadcast storms and latency stimulated by our insatiable requirement for bandwidth.
Rafal Los's picture
Do you ever find yourself trying to protect your organization from exotic attack scenarios that are highly unlikely or that would have a minimal impact on you?
Lance Cottrell's picture
When properly integrated, detection, response, and prevention reinforce each other, each making the other more effective.
Torsten George's picture
While machine learning can help reduce time-to-remediation, will it ever be able to autonomously protect organizations against cyber-attacks?
Avi Chesla's picture
Our cybersecurity ecosystem needs to be simplified – this is a fundamental challenge that the industry has avoided talking about. This need for simplification is what lies at the core of “Security Abstraction “
Alan Cohen's picture
Organizations of any size can do one important thing to help address this challenge: better segment their interior networks and data center operations.
Marie Hattar's picture
Monitoring and securing modern network flows requires granular insight, only possible through sophisticated and automated analytics and security tools.
Marc Solomon's picture
Intelligence-driven security starts with changing how we collect and manage the millions of points of threat data that analysts are bombarded with every day.
Ashley Arbuckle's picture
By aligning your segmentation strategy to business objectives you can respond quickly to the needs of the business while reducing risk and protecting data and applications.