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Researchers have demonstrated how hackers can access an organization’s internal network by leveraging vulnerabilities in Kerio Control firewalls [Read More]
A couple of critical and high severity vulnerabilities affecting Cisco’s Cloud Services Platform can be exploited by remote attackers for arbitrary command execution [Read More]
A vulnerability found by Cisco after analyzing the Shadow Brokers exploits appears to affect more than 840,000 devices worldwide [Read More]
Cisco has found a zero-day vulnerability in IOS software after further analyzing the exploits leaked by Shadow Brokers [Read More]
Cisco patches critical remote command execution and high severity DoS vulnerabilities in WebEx Meetings Server [Read More]
Starting in January 2017, Chrome will mark HTTP sites as non-secure when they transmit sensitive information such as passwords or credit card information, Google said this week. [Read More]
An unpatched vulnerability affecting Cisco ACE products has been triggered on some devices during an Internet research project [Read More]
An analysis of network management systems showed that products from several vendors are vulnerable to SNMP-based attacks [Read More]
Researchers find several potentially serious vulnerabilities in load balancers from Fortinet. Some of the issues have been fixed [Read More]
Tens of thousands of Cisco ASA devices are still vulnerable to the Extrabacon exploit leaked by Shadow Brokers [Read More]

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Joshua Goldfarb's picture
Analytics is becoming ever more important, and in my opinion, it is an important part of the future of information security.
David Holmes's picture
The portion of encrypted traffic keeps rising, so IT security administrators will be forced to do more SSL decryption if they are to get any value at all out of their fancy security tools.
Wade Williamson's picture
Collecting security data is relatively easy – the value of security analytics solutions will rest in how well they reduce that data into answers.
Ashley Arbuckle's picture
Regardless of what industry you’re in, your ability to successfully compete in the digital economy requires the ability to securely innovate.
Emily Ratliff's picture
The Assimilation Project performs service discovery and inventory of your systems in great detail and stores the resulting data so that it can be queried.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
The trust between those who run the security organization, and the analysts, incident responders, engineers, and others who do the work on a daily basis is extremely important.
Johnnie Konstantas's picture
When I decided to write a piece on metadata, my first thought was: How can I make this short and sweet, like metadata? My next thought: A haiku!
Alan Cohen's picture
If security can increasingly be distributed into the compute layer—effectively a form of self-protection—we begin to shift the playing field from attacker to defenders.
Ken McAlpine's picture
The emergence of IoT may finally be the technology that brings security from a network afterthought and bolt-on technology to an integral, persistent, omnipresent part of the network.
Avi Chesla's picture
Security technologies must be provisioned with the right policy in order to ensure it complements the neighboring solution, and must also be activated in the right sequence.