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Cisco patches critical and high severity vulnerabilities in WebEx Meetings Player, and Small Business series switches and IP phones [Read More]
Mozilla has launched Observatory, a free tool that allows users to determine if they implemented all available security technologies on their websites [Read More]
Vulnerabilities in BTS (base transceiver station) products could allow a malicious attacker to gain remote control of the transceiver module, which would result in a compromise of the BTS functionalities. [Read More]
Cisco has started releasing updates for its ASA software to address the vulnerability used in the recently leaked NSA-linked exploit [Read More]
A Linux Trojan (PNScan) that emerged more than a year ago is once again actively targeting routers in an attempt to install backdoors on them. [Read More]
The Cisco ASA exploit leaked by Shadow Brokers has been adapted to work on newer versions of the software [Read More]
Security researchers at IOActive have discovered multiple security vulnerabilities in the BHU Wi-Fi “uRouter,” a device that is manufactured and sold in China. [Read More]
Cisco patches several vulnerabilities in Firepower management appliance, including two critical issues [Read More]
Cisco, Fortinet and WatchGuard have analyzed the exploits leaked from an NSA-linked hacking group. Cisco has found a zero-day vulnerability [Read More]
Facebook announces winner of 2016 Internet Defense Prize – $100,000 awarded for research on post-quantum security for TLS [Read More]

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Alan Cohen's picture
If security can increasingly be distributed into the compute layer—effectively a form of self-protection—we begin to shift the playing field from attacker to defenders.
Ken McAlpine's picture
The emergence of IoT may finally be the technology that brings security from a network afterthought and bolt-on technology to an integral, persistent, omnipresent part of the network.
Avi Chesla's picture
Security technologies must be provisioned with the right policy in order to ensure it complements the neighboring solution, and must also be activated in the right sequence.
Shlomo Kramer's picture
When it comes to deciding why you should re-evaluate security vendors, the solution’s roadmap is of strategic importance because it may require technical analysis and rethinking of the overall network security architecture.
Scott Harrell's picture
Granular network segmentation is a security best practice that dramatically curtails the ability of attackers to move about the network, limiting the spread of destructive malware and ransomware and helping to keep critical assets safe.
David Holmes's picture
How do you secure application components when they’re shifting from cloud to cloud? Any traffic traversing from one public cloud to another is by definition crossing the Internet and should therefore not be trusted.
Wade Williamson's picture
The ability to quickly and reliably detect lateral movement in the network is one of the most important emerging skills in information security today.
Jennifer Blatnik's picture
While it’s important to have multiple layers of defense, more emphasis needs to be placed on how companies integrate, update and manage their security.
Danelle Au's picture
If security teams can automate how they validate security risks, we they shift focus from the easy challenges and onto the important things.
David Holmes's picture
A determined attacker could almost certainly find another, easier (non-SSL) vulnerability much faster and cheaper than by using DROWN.