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Attackers abuse XML-RPC method to amplify their brute force attacks against WordPress websites. [Read More]
Malicious actors exploiting old vulnerability in Cisco WebVPN to modify login pages and steal credentials, says Volexity. [Read More]
Dell announced the availability of Dell One Identity Manager 7.0, a modular and integrated platform designed to help organizations unify security policies and improve agility. [Read More]
In this live webcast, experts from Imperva and Centrify will share best practices on enabling the safe and productive use of cloud apps. [Read More]
WordPress 4.3 Billie has been released. The latest version introduces new features and enhanced password security. [Read More]
Dropbox customers can now use USB security keys for two-factor authentication (2FA). [Read More]
Enterprise technology provider CA Technologies has signed a definitive agreement to acquire privileged identity management solutions provider Xceedium for an undisclosed sum. [Read More]
Centrify has unveiled expanded support for Mac OS X computers, the recently released Apple Watch, and Near Field Communication (NFC). [Read More]
Biometrics-as-a-service provider HYPR announces general availability of biometric tokenization platform. [Read More]
A little over half of United States-based IT leaders and a third United Kingdom-based leaders believe it would be "easy" for an ex-employee to log in and access systems or information with old passwords. [Read More]

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The investment in access certifications have reduced the workload on IT, but by treating all entitlements and users the same, we’ve put the burden on LOB managers to manage the risk of excessive access.
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To understand why return on Access Governance is lower versus other security technologies, we first need to understand why Access Governance is implemented in the first place.
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Yahoo's “Account Key” uses push notifications to their Yahoo Mail app on mobile devices. Will this securely replace passwords and two-factor authentication?
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The true value of identity is not in creating more defense in depth, which means that identity is not the new perimeter.
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As much fun as it is to wake up to patches waiting to be unwrapped, we don’t want the regret of “exploit Wednesday”, which is far more embarrassing than becoming a victim of a zero-day exploit.
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Can IT security find a way to coexist with wearables faster than the first BYOD war and avoid a second war?
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No IT organization has a seemingly unlimited budget the way that Team Oracle did in the 2013 America’s Cup race. But look closer at why spending on America’s Cup racing seems so out of control and it starts to look a bit more familiar.
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Security teams must bear equal, if not more responsibility, for reducing the risk of credential fatigue leading to inadvertent exposure.
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Network administrators have to remember that they are not just the protectors of the organization – they are also the most valuable targets.
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Just like fumbles and interceptions derail a playbook plan, there are two ways that access certifications today are insufficient.