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Hackers breached the systems of anti-adblocking service PageFair and used the access to deliver malware [Read More]
Huawei will not have access to customer data under a public cloud computing services partnership with German telecoms operator Deutsche Telekom. [Read More]
Thales Group, parent of Thales e-Security, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire data protection firm Vormetric for $400 million. [Read More]
Facebook has announced a new measure meant to improve the security of user accounts, saying that it has begun notifying users on suspected account compromise. [Read More]
Uber on confirmed that a software slip briefly exposed personal data of hundreds of US drivers. [Read More]
Visa and FireEye launched Visa Threat Intelligence, a new offering powered by FireEye that delivers real-time threat information to merchants and payment card issuers. [Read More]
Microsoft, Google and Mozilla will completely disable support for the RC4 cipher in their web browsers in early 2016. [Read More]
Court rules that the FTC can sue companies that fail to protect their customers’ data. Wyndham is disappointed by the verdict. [Read More]
Barracuda Networks has launched a new cloud storage service designed to give business users the ability to securely store, share, and access files from anywhere. [Read More]
As more organizations become more comfortable with putting data in the cloud, they are aggressively applying varying levels of data protection to different types of information, according to a recent survey. [Read More]

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Travis Greene's picture
Does it really matter if someone steals your healthcare records? What would a hacker do with that information? Sell it? To whom and for what purpose?
Alan Cohen's picture
Today’s network perimeter is increasingly not a single physical or virtual place, yet much of the industry debate is still focused on the perimeter.
Wade Williamson's picture
In light of the seemingly endless parade of high-profile breaches, it’s easy to focus on external threats, while losing sight of insider threats.
Mark Hatton's picture
In the world of security, there is often a significant difference between perceived reality and what is actually happening, and the public’s perception of security within your organization can be just as important as reality.
Marc Solomon's picture
Just as they’ve embraced other technology innovations to advance their businesses, midsized organizations need a new approach to cybersecurity that mitigates risk to valuable digital assets.
Wade Williamson's picture
By establishing an enterprise-wide context focused on key assets and user behaviors, organizations can build a unified security framework that encompasses all locations and all of their assets.
Eddie Garcia's picture
Eddie Garcia explains how to grant user permissions to a subset of data in Hadoop and limit the type of operations the user is allowed to perform.
Torsten George's picture
Massive data breaches are raising doubts about whether organizations are investing their security dollars in the right areas.
Danelle Au's picture
A data breach plan lays out the key steps and the key personnel to involve when a data breach happens, and needs to incorporate three elements.
Travis Greene's picture
The combination of access governance and self-service access request and approval provides the best approach to strike back at the access clones.