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In a recent survey, confidence in a successful Disaster Recovery (DR) failover was only substantiated in 38% of cases, as fifty-eight percent of respondents experienced issues during a failover. [Read More]
More than a dozen vulnerabilities have been patched in OpenSSL with the release of versions 1.1.0a, 1.0.2i and 1.0.1u [Read More]
On September 22, OpenSSL will patch several vulnerabilities, including two classified as moderate and high severity [Read More]
A vulnerability related to certificate pinning allows sophisticated MitM attackers to deliver malicious add-ons to Firefox and Tor Browser users [Read More]
A group of hackers calling itself Fancy Bears, believed to be linked to Russia, has leaked confidential data on 25 additional athletes [Read More]
Hackers breached servers of paid-to-click service ClixSense and stole 6.6 million user records and source code [Read More]
Over 320,000 financial records likely stolen from payment processor BlueSnap or its customer Regpack, but neither of them admit being breached [Read More]
Hackers breached the systems of Russian instant messaging service QIP in 2011 and stole the details of 33 million users [Read More]
Hackers stole nearly 100 million accounts from the popular Russian web portal Rambler [Read More]
Hackers breached the systems of Canada-based PoS software provider Lightspeed and accessed customer information [Read More]

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After designating 2014 as “The Year of the Mega-Breach,” the security community hoped to bring awareness to the challenge of protecting customer data. As it turns out, the breaches of 2015 make the previous year’s ones pale in comparison.
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How many devices are showing up at the office this week that are an always-on conduit to your network from some external third party you really shouldn’t be trusting?
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Ron Rivest, the inventor of RC4, has improved the RC4 algorithm by adding a third index variable k and moving i through the array more quickly. This new, improved RC4 is called Spritz.
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To ensure you understand and can address the main security challenges cloud apps can introduce to your organization, you need additional visibility and context.
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Retailers must adopt a threat-centric approach to security with protection along the full attack continuum – before, during, and after an attack.
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In the case of Hilary Clinton's personal email server, we know that Top Secret information was transmitted over a network that likely wasn’t equipped to safeguard it. If her server was a target of foreign state actors, the implications are frightening.
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The country has become obsessed with a couple of pounds per square inch (PSI) in a football, yet seems to have no issue ignoring simple steps that could greatly improve our overall cyber security.
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In security circles, 2014 was known colloquially as “the year of the breach.” However, 2015 almost doubled the 2014 tally of breached records, and has done so in the first eight months.
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Personally Identifiable Information (PII) can provide invaluable human intelligence to nation-state attackers who are often behind the most sophisticated attacks.
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Does it really matter if someone steals your healthcare records? What would a hacker do with that information? Sell it? To whom and for what purpose?