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A new report lays bare some security considerations for enterprises pursuing adoption of infrastructure-as-a-service.
CipherCloud launches Cloud Discovery Enterprise Edition. The solution provides visibility, risk scoring, and intelligence across cloud applications.
A recent report from CompTIA discusses the importance of security reviews when migrating to the cloud.
A cloud security report published by Bitglass shows the barriers to cloud adoption, and the solutions for overcoming security challenges.
Elastica, a San Jose, Calif.-based provider of cloud application security solutions, today announced that it has closed its series B funding round with an investment of $30 million.
Many financial services organizations do not have a concerted cloud strategy with appropriate controls and security, according to a new report from the Cloud Security Alliance.
A third of IT pros and administrators admitted downloading apps they were not authorized to and ignoring security policies and best practices in order to do their jobs, according to a new survey.
Please join us on Tuesday, Feb. 3rd at 1PM ET for a special webcast: How To Avoid Being Tomorrow's Headline: Mitigating Insider Threats and Breaches, presented by Centrify.
A survey from the Cloud Security Alliance found that IT managers and executives still have some trepidation about the security of data in the cloud.
Researchers say they have identified several vulnerabilities in Google App Engine for Java, including ones that can be leveraged for a complete sandbox escape.

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Alan Cohen's picture
Like other forms of technical debt, security debt must be paid down, which ultimately leads to a more agile and secure enterprise.
Danelle Au's picture
If your organization is not equipped to deal with the security of Emergent IT, it is probably not equipped to deal with the security of mainstream applications sanctioned by IT.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
When moving to the cloud, companies must understand the implications, enumerate the risks, and mitigate those risks accordingly.
Alan Cohen's picture
Today’s network perimeter is increasingly not a single physical or virtual place, yet much of the industry debate is still focused on the perimeter.
David Holmes's picture
Will containers replace traditional operating system virtualization in the same way that virtualization has replaced much of the physical, bare-metal world? And how secure are containers, anyway?
Danelle Au's picture
When it comes to SaaS applications versus on-premise, there are three characteristics that define the need for a different approach to data governance, risk management and security in the cloud.
David Maman's picture
Through simple planning and forethought, organizations can ensure their databases not only meet compliance requirements, but will remain secure.
David Maman's picture
Moving sensitive data into the hands of third-party cloud providers expands and complicates the risk landscape in which companies operate every day.
David Maman's picture
Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) is a crucial part of your compliance and safety profile, but to be effective at protecting your database, you need to understand its limitations.
Danelle Au's picture
Cloud adoption should be a collaborative rather than prescriptive process between employees and IT. With the right mindset and strategy, what employees want and what IT wants can become a proper union in a Venn diagram.