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More than 30,000 people have signed an online petition calling on The Washington Post to tell readers that Amazon, founded by its owner Jeff Bezos, does business with the CIA.
Keeping to tradition, SecurityWeek invited security experts to weigh in on New Year's resolutions for improving information security and how organizations can better develop new habits in 2014.
Under fire from courts and allies over a vast US spying dragnet, President Barack Obama faced new heat from Internet executives who fear the surveillance has crossed constitutional lines.
Security experts discuss the importance of threat modeling in cloud environments.
Splunk, a provider of software that helps organizations gather and make use of machine data from a diverse set of sources, today announced it has acquired Cloudmeter, a provider of network data capture technologies.
Please join Trend Micro and SecurityWeek on Thursday, Dec. 5th at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Bellevue, WA for an interactive security event with great food and open bar!
Please join Trend Micro and SecurityWeek on Thursday, Dec. 5th at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Bellevue, WA for an interactive security event with great food and open bar!
At the upcoming Cloud Security Alliance conference this week, a researcher will outline the top 10 encryption-related challenges surrounding big data.
CloudLock, a provider of cloud information security solutions, has extended its security suite to cover popular cloud service
VMware and Palo Alto Networks are planning on releasing an integrated solution using VMware's NSX network virtualization platform.

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Michael Callahan's picture
The cloud is the only place that can provide the scale and elasticity (without the capital expense) that’s required in a connected world where new devices are appearing by the dozens daily.
Shaun Donaldson's picture
When we consider security in a public cloud, we may be forced to work our way from the endpoint out; and so it’s back-to-basics.
Danelle Au's picture
Many have opined that security is the killer app for SDN… is this true? SDN allows many security use cases to be implemented in a manner that requires fewer configuration changes, and fewer networking headaches.
Shaun Donaldson's picture
It is no secret that small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) have very different ways of using IT when compared with large enterprises. And contrary to popular belief, there are some areas where SMBs are leading, not following.
Shaun Donaldson's picture
In IT, security has consistently been a bolt-on afterthought, and we have only ourselves and everyone else to blame. Given the pace of virtualization, cloud, and other profound paradigm shifts that are providing rich opportunities, security and IT can reunite.
Danelle Au's picture
How does network virtualization differ from software defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization? And, more importantly, how does it impact network security?
Nimmy Reichenberg's picture
By including security into the DevOps model, organizations can attain that improved agility and operational excellence while also improving the necessary checks and balances before changes are pushed into production.
Jon-Louis Heimerl's picture
If your organization was breached by malicious attackers and you had just enough time to completely protect exactly one data asset (drive, server, application, database, etc.), what data do you save?
Marc Solomon's picture
The time is right to take a closer look at securing virtual environments as part of your extended network and overarching security strategy.
Nimmy Reichenberg's picture
While private clouds are under the control of the corporate IT department, it does not mean that migrating a data center to a private cloud is free of security implications.