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CloudLock, a provider of cloud information security solutions, has extended its security suite to cover popular cloud service
VMware and Palo Alto Networks are planning on releasing an integrated solution using VMware's NSX network virtualization platform.
By April of 2014, Yahoo will have encryption in place to protect information shared by users of its online properties as well as information exchanged between the Internet firm's data centers
CipherCloud targets users of Amazon Relational Database Service and Amazon Redshift.
HyTrust, a provider of policy management and access control solutions for virtual and cloud environments, announced that it has acquired HighCloud Security, a provider of cloud encryption and key management software.
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Sophos Cloud is aimed at helping organizations unify the management of their security technologies.
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Nimmy Reichenberg's picture
By including security into the DevOps model, organizations can attain that improved agility and operational excellence while also improving the necessary checks and balances before changes are pushed into production.
Jon-Louis Heimerl's picture
If your organization was breached by malicious attackers and you had just enough time to completely protect exactly one data asset (drive, server, application, database, etc.), what data do you save?
Marc Solomon's picture
The time is right to take a closer look at securing virtual environments as part of your extended network and overarching security strategy.
Nimmy Reichenberg's picture
While private clouds are under the control of the corporate IT department, it does not mean that migrating a data center to a private cloud is free of security implications.
Danelle Au's picture
Unlocking the promise of the cloud requires a closer integration between virtualization and security elements and delivering the right security feature set.
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Securing a hybrid cloud environment may be different from your traditional private cloud infrastructure. The security challenges include a dependency on networks that are outside your immediate control and may be accessed outside of the normal corporate access methods.
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As the use of Secure Shell (SSH) keys and related encryption services evolves and expands, security experts question what drives that evolution and are looking for ways to maximize the security effectiveness of the ubiquitous technology.
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In the era of the public cloud, when employees are frequently using consumerized applications to share and store data, it's time for security and risk professionals to adopt a new security thought paradigm that focuses on the insider threat that employees create, not solely on protecting data itself.
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Before cloud, IT had a monopoly; if someone wanted to do something and it involved computers, IT had to be engaged. This is no longer the case. Instead of bring your own device, public cloud can be described as bring your own server.
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Despite its popularity, security issues exist with outsourcing; to avoid trouble down the road, a proactive, thoughtful and thorough approach at the beginning of the process usually helps.