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Brinqa provides a risk analytics platform that serves as a solution to the enterprise big data and risk management dilemma. SecurityWeek sat down with resident and Co-founder Hilda Perez to discuss the security startup.
A new study by the Ponemon Institute finds malware installed via zero-day exploits presents the biggest threat to corporate data.
Please join Trend Micro and SecurityWeek on Thursday, Dec. 5th at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Bellevue, WA for an interactive security event with great food and open bar!
Please join Trend Micro and SecurityWeek on Thursday, Dec. 5th at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Bellevue, WA for an interactive security event with great food and open bar!
The vulnerability is being used in conjunction with an Adobe Reader exploit to infect Windows computers.
Hackers launched a two-stage attack against BIPS to steal more that US$1 million worth of bitcoins.
CipherPoint identifies, secures and audits applications and Web applications. SecurityWeek sat down with CEO Mike Fleck to discuss the security startup.
WhiteHat Security announced support for analyzing source code written using PHP programming language within its static code analysis solution.
Please Join us for an Interactive Security Happy Hour Event on Wednesday in Washington, D.C.
Cigital on Wednesday announced the fifth major release of the of the Building Security In Maturity Model (BSIMM) study, which collected data from 67 security initiatives at organizations around the world.

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Tal explains the technical details behind recent Ruby on Rails vulnerabilities and shows how web applications’ administrators can avoid these and similar problems with some proper system hardening.
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The following predictions may help change these static roles, and allow you to look ahead at the upcoming threat trends to proactively plan your defense strategy.
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Application vulnerabilities are a prime vector for attacks. But one aspect of securing enterprise applications often overlooked and almost always poorly handled in organizations, is securing application connectivity!
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Every statistic indicates your website has probably been hacked already, and if it hasn’t already been, it will soon be. You won’t be aware of it until some outside points it out to you.
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Foresight is a Web application security company which provides a new type of technology as the front line of Web protection. I sat down with co-founder and CTO Israel Ragutski to chat on entrepreneurship and this new offering.
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You’re not going to solve all of your security problems in the next 30 days, but you can and should fix the big ones, those Bluebirds that make it easy for hackers to kill your company.
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There are numerous steps you can take to uphold the security of your site in order to help protect against CSS attacks. Start by ensuring that your application is coded in a way to eliminate these attack vectors.
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As IT security becomes a major focus in our world, it is essential that corporations and development companies alike demand web application security at the contractual level.
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Similar to how the Industrial Revolution created faster, better and more efficient sectors of the economy, so too is the Industrialization of Hacking creating a faster, more effective and more efficient sector profiting from attacks to our IT infrastructure.
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To combat the risks associated with web applications, one of the most significant evolutions in network security over the last few years has been the advent of application control.