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CyberARM correlates cyber-landscape intelligence - such as threat agents and attack methods – together with the security posture and the controls’ maturity of the enterprise’s business environment. SecurityWeek sat down with CEO and Co-Founder Shay Zandani to discuss the security startup.
These complimentary educational sessions are designed to be a highly interactive, and bring together industry practitioners from the National Cyber Security Alliance, Cloud Security Alliance and industry partners to help you combat the cyber underworld.
Cigital has launched new cloud-based Static and Dynamic Application Security Testing solutions to its lineup.
F5 Networks announced on Tuesday that it would acquire Versafe, a provider of anti-fraud, anti-phishing, and anti-malware solutions.
Incapsula's new capabilities give users total control over their caching and acceleration policies, enabling customers to take advantage of Incapsula's dynamic application profiling, caching and acceleration capabilities
Hytrust provides control and visibility for cloud infrastructure environments. SecurityWeek sat down with Eric Chiu, President and Co-Founder, to discuss the security startup.
A new survey from the Ponemon Institute highlights the threat posed by a disconnect between the secure development process executives think is in place and what actually is.
Viewfinity makes privilege management and application control solutions. SecurityWeek sat down with Gil Rapaport, President and Co-Founder, to discuss the startup.
Qualys has unveiled a beta version of its new Web Application Firewall (WAF) for Amazon Web Services (AWS) users.
Now available on demand our guest, John Kindervag, Principal Analyst, Security and Risk Management at Forrester Research, describes a data security and control framework for collecting and analyzing new types of IT data to transform SIEM into a security and IT analytics tool.

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You’re not going to solve all of your security problems in the next 30 days, but you can and should fix the big ones, those Bluebirds that make it easy for hackers to kill your company.
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There are numerous steps you can take to uphold the security of your site in order to help protect against CSS attacks. Start by ensuring that your application is coded in a way to eliminate these attack vectors.
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As IT security becomes a major focus in our world, it is essential that corporations and development companies alike demand web application security at the contractual level.
Marc Solomon's picture
Similar to how the Industrial Revolution created faster, better and more efficient sectors of the economy, so too is the Industrialization of Hacking creating a faster, more effective and more efficient sector profiting from attacks to our IT infrastructure.
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To combat the risks associated with web applications, one of the most significant evolutions in network security over the last few years has been the advent of application control.
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SQL injection attacks are a very well known threat to Internet security, but the nitty-gritty behind the process is often a bit hazy to everyone except the most proficient Web connoisseurs.
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Hackers’ investment in evasion techniques proves that they see Web Applications as a valuable attack surface.
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As organizations look at data center consolidation or new data center designs, it’s a great time to be thinking of security, and building it into the network architecture instead of attempting to bolt it on later.
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Millions of identities, credit card numbers and user login credentials are still being compromised every year by hackers getting into web sites we believe are secure. This valuable information will, undoubtedly, end up in the wrong hands.
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Once you’ve selected one or more WAFs to evaluate, it’s time to test them and decide which one is the right one for you. But how then do you evaluate a WAF?