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Researchers disclose unpatched vulnerabilities in Schneider Electric PLCs. Vendor admits dropping the ball in communicating with the experts [Read More]
Honeywell has launched a new product designed to protect industrial facilities from USB-borne threats [Read More]
Schneider Electric patches several vulnerabilities in Modicon PLCs and Wonderware InTouch HMI products [Read More]
Siemens shares recommendations for mitigating several vulnerabilities affecting some of its RUGGEDCOM appliances [Read More]
Targeted attacks aimed at companies in the industrial sector are increasingly common, Kaspersky warns [Read More]
Mocana's IoT Security Platform is a comprehensive full-stack security solution designed to protect industrial IoT devices, industrial clouds and device-to-cloud communications. [Read More]
Cisco patches critical remote code execution vulnerability found by the company in its industrial routers [Read More]
Cisco finds serious code execution vulnerability in LabVIEW system design software from National Instruments [Read More]
High severity vulnerabilities have been patched in Rockwell Automation’s Connected Components Workbench and FactoryTalk Activation tools [Read More]
Researchers discovered multiple serious vulnerabilities in popular solar park monitoring devices from Solar-Log [Read More]


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Industrial organizations need early detection of suspicious activity like unauthorized network scans, attempts to read information from controllers and other unsanctioned control-plane activity.
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As with anything new, you need to prepare and plan for IoT devices being in your environment to maximize the value they provide, while minimizing the inherent risk of these network-enabled devices.
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To develop a strong security posture while capturing digital value, transportation providers need to ask themselves some important questions.
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To support digital transformation, security protections must be tailored to fit the specific needs of operational technology (OT) and work in concert with IT security strategy.
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One of the biggest concerns, if these industrial threat predictions come true, is the likelihood of widespread collateral damage.
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Most industrial Control Systems (ICS) lack basic asset discovery and management capabilities common in IT networks.
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While many companies are concerned about cyber threats to their operations, most do not understand the difference between data plane and control plane protocols.
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Securing ICS networks is an extremely challenging task, as they lack many of the threat monitoring, detection, and response capabilities commonly found in IT infrastructures.
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To protect against external threats, malicious insiders and human error, industrial organizations must monitor all activities - whether executed by an unknown source or a trusted insider.
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The single biggest roadblock to ICS security today is the lack the visibility and control into activity that is occurring at the control layer, namely access and changes made to industrial control devices.