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Smart electricity meters continue to pose a serious cybersecurity risk to consumers and utilities. But can hacking lead to explosions? [Read More]
US officials claim electric grid was hacked by Russia, but the affected utility said malware was found on only one laptop that was not connected to the grid [Read More]
The FDA has released guidance on the postmarket management of cybersecurity in medical devices [Read More]
A new variant of the KillDisk malware encrypts files and holds them for ransom instead of deleting them [Read More]
According to IBM, attacks on industrial control systems (ICS) increased by 110% in 2016 compared to the previous year [Read More]
Siemens has made available workarounds and patches to address vulnerabilities found in Desigo PX and SIMATIC products [Read More]
Researcher discloses potentially serious vulnerabilities found in Panasonic Avionics in-flight entertainment systems [Read More]
The latest power outages in Ukraine may have been caused by a cyberattack, according to the national energy company Ukrenergo [Read More]
Kaspersky Lab shared details of a targeted attack campaign against industrial organizations that began in late summer and is still ongoing. [Read More]
Flaws found by a researcher can be exploited to remotely hack Moxa’s MiiNePort embedded serial device servers [Read More]


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Most industrial Control Systems (ICS) lack basic asset discovery and management capabilities common in IT networks.
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While many companies are concerned about cyber threats to their operations, most do not understand the difference between data plane and control plane protocols.
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Securing ICS networks is an extremely challenging task, as they lack many of the threat monitoring, detection, and response capabilities commonly found in IT infrastructures.
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To protect against external threats, malicious insiders and human error, industrial organizations must monitor all activities - whether executed by an unknown source or a trusted insider.
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The single biggest roadblock to ICS security today is the lack the visibility and control into activity that is occurring at the control layer, namely access and changes made to industrial control devices.
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IoT promises a lot of convenience, but there is a price to be paid if you don’t involve the best connected device ever created—your brain.
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To extend the capabilities of advanced cybersecurity tools at the centralized production environment, implementing an out-of-band transport network to get visibility into both packet data and syslog traffic can be very beneficial.
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Based on existing intelligence, it is reasonable to assume that nation-states already possess all the information they need to launch such an attack on the U.S. power grid.
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What is missing from the conversation is how large a role software plays in the IoT equation. Plugging something into the Internet does not make it work -- it just makes it vulnerable.
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Since the ratification of IEC 62443, updates to this international industrial controls standard have been published to move systems integration work forward.