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US government subcontractor inadvertently leaks information on military healthcare workers [Read More]
Security flaws in travel booking systems expose passenger information and open the door for fraud, researchers warn [Read More]
The private messaging application Signal has started using a technique called domain fronting to bypass censorship in some countries [Read More]
The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), the highest constitutional court of the EU, has effectively slapped down the UK's new Investigatory Powers Act. [Read More]
Two APT groups used the same Flash Player zero-day to spy on Turkish citizens living in Turkey and various European countries [Read More]
Authentication bypass flaw in Skype for Mac could have been exploited by malware to interact with the app [Read More]
Linux users who want an extra layer of security can try out the first alpha version of the Sandboxed Tor Browser [Read More]
EU and US consumer watchdogs are filing complaints against a clutch of smart toys that can "spy" on children and their homes, for allegedly breaching privacy and data protection laws. [Read More]
Matrix’s ‘Olm’ aims to allow any user on one system to communicate with any user on a different system with End-to-end Encryption; just like email today. [Read More]
Mozilla this week released Firefox Focus for iOS, a mobile web browser designed with a single idea in mind: to increase the level of privacy that users benefit from. [Read More]


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Jim Ivers's picture
If a car’s systems can be hacked to disable critical systems, then attacks can also be used to extract information. Similar to IoT, if data is being collected, data can be exfiltrated.
David Holmes's picture
The portion of encrypted traffic keeps rising, so IT security administrators will be forced to do more SSL decryption if they are to get any value at all out of their fancy security tools.
David Holmes's picture
In the initial hours after the Paris attacks by Islamic terrorists, when the PlayStation 4 rumor was first circulating, I decided to see exactly what kind of encryption the PS4 uses for its messaging system.
James McFarlin's picture
U.S tech giants are playing a game of high-stakes global brinksmanship around who has rights to control their data, which impacts their European growth prospects, business models, and ultimately stock valuations.
Adam Firestone's picture
The misconception that Internet privacy equals anonymity must be dispelled if cyberspace is to be a secure and safe place. At the same time, mechanisms must be incorporated to ensure that communications remain confidential and resistant to unauthorized alteration by third parties.
Tal Be'ery's picture
The Google-backed "Certificate Transparency" initiative has gained much momentum and may have a real chance to amend the battered Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI).
Chris Coleman's picture
The events that occurred in 2013 will forever be reflected in the Internet DNA of the future, and how the cyber security market evolves to accommodate that future.
Gant Redmon's picture
Proper use of Google Glass respecting law and privacy will be all about context. Context is different depending where you are. Are you in a public place, a private place, or a restricted place like a government installation?
Ram Mohan's picture
There is a lot we can do to keep our data private and, like many aspects of managing security, it’s a process that is best grounded in common sense. What can organizations do to shield themselves from the kind of scrutiny that has caught the world’s attention recently?
Michael Callahan's picture
There’s more than functionality and availability issues ailing There’s significant potential for compromise.