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Google this week announced improved security and privacy settings for Google Drive and Gmail. [Read More]
At midnight Sunday, barring any last-minute deal in Congress, a key section of the US Patriot Act which has been used as a legal basis for much of the vast surveillance carried out by the NSA will expire or "sunset." [Read More]
A new GAO report says Internet connectivity could potentially allow malicious actors to access the aircraft avionics systems in modern airplanes. [Read More]
TrueCrypt does not contain any backdoors or serious design flaws, experts have concluded after completing the Open Crypto Audit Project. [Read More]
Companies are still struggling as they fall out of compliance during the year, Andi Baritchi, global managing principal of PCI Consulting Services at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, told SecurityWeek. [Read More]
Health insurance giant Anthem was criticized last week after reports emerged that it had declined a security audit. Some experts speculated that Anthem might have had good reasons to refuse the assessment. [Read More]
Silent Circle today unveiled two new devices as part of its Blackphone product line, along with a with new enterprise platform that combines devices, software and services into a privacy and security focused mobile architecture. [Read More]
CloudLock announced the availability of CloudLock Compliance for Google+, a PCI/PII compliance solution for the social network. [Read More]
Microsoft launched a new web site dedicated to sharing the untold story behind its Security Development Lifecycle (SDL). [Read More]
CloudLock, a Waltham, Massachusetts-based firm that helps companies secure data stored in the cloud, has raised $16.5 million in a Series C funding round led by Bessemer Venture Capital. [Read More]


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To communicate about our metrics, we need ways that we can ground our experience in terms of “normal” for us; Otherwise, we really can't communicate our metrics effectively with anyone who isn't in a similar environment.
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Security is a creature of habit. Security likes things to stay the same. Change brings chaos. Chaos is bad for security. But, we can help control the security of our environment by following good security habits.
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A new amendment to Texas' breach notice law is designed to make it easier for Texas entities to comply with Texas law by giving those entities the choice of notifying under Texas law or the law of residents of other states.
Nimmy Reichenberg's picture
While regulations and ensuing IT audits go beyond firewalls and firewall policies, these devices are often a good place to start when it comes to becoming "audit-ready" and gaining continuous visibility of what's going on in your network.
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Santa doesn’t care if you were naughty or nice on Christmas Eve – what matters is how you did all year. Security is much the same.
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For most CISOs, the pain of an audit is part of the job, but it doesn’t have to be the nightmare that most of the IT community envisions.
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Too many IT and risk managers are surprised by security breaches, compromised keys or operational failures that occur from sheer neglect that result when you leave your valuable keys as exposed as a password on a post-it. Hefty, potential fines for failing to comply with regulations are risk enough, but the risks of ignoring these vulnerabilities extend even further.
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The vast majority of ISVs are focused on prospecting and lead generation while overlooking potential sales funnel leakage due to piracy. Any vendor that is serious about its longevity needs to know if it has a software piracy problem.
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Enjoy this selection of top picks for 2010, listed in no particular order. Happy New Year!