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Silent Circle announced on Monday that it has started shipping its Blackphone 2 , the first component of its Enterprise Privacy Platform (EPP) announced earlier this year.
BlackBerry announced plans Friday to sell an Android-powered smartphone, in the latest reboot effort from the faded star of the sector.
A malicious application disguised as a game called BrainTest could potentially have been installed on up to one million devices, according to Check Point.
G DATA's SECURE CHAT for Android is a multiple-encrypted SMS and chat communication application for users looking to keep their text-based communications private.
According to Bluebox, even the top 10 most popular mobile travel apps lack proper security, and all of the analyzed programs include critical flaws.
Apple’s newly announced iOS 9 comes with updated security features such as a revamped app sideloading process and improved two-factor authentication, both meant to keep users and their devices better protected from malware and compromise.
A new Android screening-locking malware targeting mainly users in the United States has been discovered by ESET researchers, who say this is the first ransomware to change a smartphone’s PIN security code.
Google launched Mobile Application Management (MAM) for iOS devices, a solution to help Google Apps administrators recommend and manage applications that employees should install and use on their managed iOS devices in the workplace.
New Android malware has been discovered in a series of Android applications and games in Google Play, capable of covertly subscribing users to premium-rate services, a recent report from Bitdefender reveals.
Old, outdated iOS devices pose a significant risk to the network of any organization, and could easily put the business at risk of a data breach, a recent report from security firm Duo Labs said.

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