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Endpoint security firm Bromium has raised an additional $40 million, bringing the the total amount raised to-date by the company to a whopping $115 million. [Read More]
Hackers reportedly stole the details of 1.5 million Verizon Enterprise customers after exploiting a vulnerability in the company’s website [Read More]
Digital Guardian created an infographic which outlines "the anatomy of a CISO" to sum up their findings on what a typical Fortune 100 CISO looks like. [Read More]
American Express has informed customers that their payment card information may have been compromised in a breach suffered by a third party service provider [Read More]
Incident response has become more difficult over the past two years and most professionals are ignoring security alerts due to the suffocating volume [Read More]
If you are CISO, CSO or leader of a security organization at a company with more than 500 employees, you may qualify for a complimentary registration to the exclusive CISO Forum. [Read More]
Trend Micro has completed its $300 million acquisition of TippingPoint network security products from from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). [Read More]
Free and open Certificate Authority (CA) Let’s Encrypt announced this week that it has issued more than 1 million certificates since issuing its first Digital Certificate last year. [Read More]
WhiteHat Security founder Jeremiah Grossman announced on Monday that he will be leaving the application security firm he started nearly 15 years ago. [Read More]
Qualys ThreatPROTECT gathers and correlates data from vulnerability scans and threat feeds to give organizations a view of their potential exposure to threats. [Read More]

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Tal Be'ery's picture
A very plausible technical explanation to Linode/PagerDuty breach, is that the attackers abused Lish direct database access, to get access to other users’ credentials stored on the same database.
Torsten George's picture
Security metrics need to extend beyond quantitative factors to be able to more effectively measure and communicate the organization’s cyber risk posture as it relates to business goal.
Wade Williamson's picture
It is important to understand the realities behind data science and machine learning technologies so we can separate the truth from the hype and make well-informed security decisions.
Tim Layton's picture
The value of identifying your organization’s information out on the Dark Web can serve as a first-line indicator of a new breach that otherwise may go undetected for long periods of time.
Travis Greene's picture
As in politics, there are some numbers that are helpful, mandates to be met, and judgment calls to make when discussing an IT security budget that balances the extremes.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
There are many contextual details that differentiate cyber threat information from threat intelligence. Only with the proper context can data be considered intelligence, rather than simply information.
Jack Danahy's picture
Security investment needs to be rebalanced to more logically address both prevention and detection.
Bill Sweeney's picture
Cyber defense will continue to make the transition from IT problem to boardroom matter. Leading companies have already recognized this and we’ve passed the inflection point towards universal acceptance.
Tim Layton's picture
By understanding your adversaries’ activity on the Dark Web , you can take more of a proactive approach that helps reduce uncertainty and improves overall cyber resiliency.
Alastair Paterson's picture
As security professionals, it’s our job to enable business while protecting it; embracing social media is an imperative, but we also need to mitigate the exploitation of what our organizations reveal online.