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HPE launches threat investigation solution and data security product for IoT, big data and Hadoop [Read More]
Researchers showed the impact of ransomware on ICS by simulating an attack on a water treatment plant [Read More]
ThreatConnect launches new suite of threat intelligence products that help companies understand adversaries and automate security operations [Read More]
RSA improves several products and launches new services as it unveils its Business-Driven Security offering [Read More]
The Department of Homeland Security published a new report providing additional indicators of compromise (IOC) and analysis using the phases of the cyber kill chain to detect and mitigate threats from the Russia-linked GRIZZLY STEPPE hackers. [Read More]
Microsoft unveiled several new security capabilities in Office 365, including Office 365 Secure Score, Threat Intelligence Private Preview, and Advanced Data Governance Preview. [Read More]
IANS took insights from more than 1,200 high-performing CISOs and information security teams to develop what it terms 'The 5 Secrets of High-Performing CISOs'. [Read More]
Demisto, a Cupertino, Calif.-based maker of software that helps Security Operations team fight “alert fatigue” and reduce the time to respond to a breach has raised $20 million Series B round of funding. [Read More]
Cisco launches Umbrella, a cloud-based secure internet gateway designed to provide visibility and protection outside the corporate network [Read More]
Hundreds of Arby’s restaurants affected by breach. Hundreds of thousands of credit and debit cards compromised [Read More]

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Steven Grossman's picture
The goal of stopping all cyber attacks and preventing all business impact has been recognized as a fool’s errand, and has shifted to measuring risk and minimizing business impacts.
Torsten George's picture
Since most IoT devices and microservices lack adequate security frameworks or tools to monitor and detect security gaps, traditional methods such as penetration testing should be reconsidered despite their hefty price tag.
Erin O’Malley's picture
Like a mist along the ground, the future will arrive and, already, predictions are being made. So whose will come true?
Travis Greene's picture
2017 is the year for information security teams to align to the work being done in DevOps – whether you call it DevSecOps or not.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
It’s time to bring the capability to achieve a mature security posture through a robust security operations function to the masses.
Scott Simkin's picture
Looking back at the big cybersecurity news stories of 2016, several trends stand out, which may provide a peek into what cybersecurity professionals should be preparing for in 2017.
Avi Chesla's picture
In today’s market, more does not mean better. We need security innovation that makes more of what the industry already has by turning what we have into what we need.
Adam Meyer's picture
At the end of the day, whatever your cyber threat intelligence plan and process is, it should drive faster and smarter decisions that minimize your risk exposure.
Lance Cottrell's picture
By focusing on key attack surfaces and architecting systems to maximize the effectiveness of our monitoring efforts we can detect and stop intrusions much more quickly.
Rafal Los's picture
Security frameworks are designed to provide a reference for those designing various programmatic security mechanisms in order to benefit from collective successes and failures of the broad community.