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Muddy Waters publishes four new videos allegedly demonstrating potentially lethal attacks against St. Jude Medical cardiac devices [Read More]
BAE Systems has been awarded a government contract to build a system that can predict, rather than just detect, cyber threats, allowing organizations to prepare for an attack rather than be required to respond to an attack. [Read More]
Verizon said the massive breach affecting 500 million Yahoo customers could have a "material" effect on the $4.8 billion deal to acquire key assets of the Internet group. [Read More]
E8 Security, a provider of behavioral intelligence tools for detecting cyber threats, today announced that it has raised $12 million in a Series B funding round. [Read More]
The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) says that some of the leaked data may have been manipulated by the hackers before public release. [Read More]
Is your security program paying off for the business? Most organizations are looking at the wrong information and data for measuring security effectiveness. If you can’t properly measure your security posture, how do you know it’s working? How do you improve it? [Read More]
Barnstable Police Department survived a ransomware attack without paying any ransom, thanks to a disaster recovery solution. [Read More]
Users file class actions against Yahoo in California and Illinois over the recently disclosed data breach that affected 500 million accounts [Read More]
Yahoo's claim that it is the victim of a gigantic state-sponsored hack raises the question of whether it is the latest target for hackers with the backing of Russia, China or even North Korea, experts say. [Read More]
Yahoo faced pressure to explain how it sustained a massive cyber-attack -- one of the biggest ever, and allegedly state-sponsored -- allowing hackers to steal data from half a billion users two years ago. [Read More]

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But by asking these key questions you can understand what’s required to proactively detect and respond to today’s malicious and complex attacks.
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How do you win when you don’t know the rules? Adaptation is key. Even if you don’t know the rules, you know the game.
Dan Cornell's picture
Security teams and DevOps teams aren’t always on the same page and the lack of communication often results in misaligned priorities that significantly inhibit productivity.
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Everyone loves a pretty picture or a slick graph, but very rarely do these supposed visualizations add any real value to security operations.
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Cyber threat intelligence isn’t just another tool or layer of protection for your organization. It’s a capability that drives more effective cybersecurity decisions and more investment.
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In order to demonstrate they understand how cyber risk plays into their company’s operations and bottom line, CISOs must communicate risk in the same way other business leaders communicate about other operational risks.
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Sophisticated adversaries are finding vulnerabilities wherever they can, and often that means looking to an organization’s partners for weaknesses in defenses.
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By implementing these three main pillars, organizations can operationalize their cyber security practices to shorten time-to-detection and ultimately, time-to-remediation of cyber threats.
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Cybersecurity needs to build bridges between the security operations (SecOps), network operations (NetOps) and physical security teams to be successful.
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Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services differ from traditional managed security services in three ways: speed, accuracy, and focus. Here’s how.