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Accenture leaks over 100GB of data, including private keys and credentials, via four unprotected cloud storage containers [Read More]
Microsoft patches critical remote code execution flaw in Windows that hackers can exploit without user interaction via malicious DNS responses [Read More]
Nearly 700,000 British consumers may have had personal data compromised in the massive breach at Equifax, the US credit reporting agency said Tuesday. [Read More]
Microsoft patches 62 vulnerabilities, including a critical Office zero-day exploited to deliver data-stealing malware [Read More]
Adobe releases no security fixes on Patch Tuesday. If no patches are released by the end of the month, it will be the first time since July 2012 [Read More]
UpGuard launches CyberRisk, a new product designed to help organizations automate third-party vendor risk management [Read More]
Websites were hit by 63 attacks per day in the second quarter, a significant increase from 22 attacks per day last year [Read More]
In 2015 and 2016, the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) may have suffered as many as 54 data breaches involving personal information [Read More]
Hackers breached Disqus in 2012 and stole information belonging to 17.5 million users, including some passwords [Read More]
Hackers gained access to website of market research company Forrester and stole research reports [Read More]

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Justin Fier's picture
Facing up to the blinds spots of our networks will help us direct our strategies toward the automation and visibility that we desperately need to anticipate the onset of attackers, before they strike.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
Security marketing seems to be stuck in a bit of a “spray and pray” rut. Perhaps the time has come for security vendors to rethink how they invest their marketing budgets?
Jack Danahy's picture
Jack Danahy, co-founder and CTO of Barkly, attempts to clarify what is and what is not machine learning in endpoint security
Rafal Los's picture
Optiv's Rafal Los shares some advice on how to build and cultivate relationships in infosec
Josh Lefkowitz's picture
Oil and gas is one of the critical infrastructure sectors that face greater risks and challenges when it comes to security
Preston Hogue's picture
Business leaders have become much more sophisticated in understanding IT, and they need bring that same level of sophistication to security.
Travis Greene's picture
Automation will play an ever-increasing role in IT security. Like all automation, it will result in greater productivity that will reduce the need for certain staff, but increase the need for others.
Ashley Arbuckle's picture
As with most new and challenging endeavors, you need to define a pragmatic approach to mastering hyper-connectivity, data integration, and machine learning.
Marc Solomon's picture
Automatically recalculating and reevaluating priorities and threat assessments ensures you continue to stay focused on what is relevant to mitigate your organization’s risk.
Marie Hattar's picture
Companies often neglect the security implications of mergers and acquisitions. After all, each company had theoretically been secure and in compliance before the merger. Why would the combined entity be any different?