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Zscaler, a provider of cloud-based security solutions, has raised $100 million in a round of funding led by late stage investor TPG.
Hackers breach systems of operations performance management firm PagerDuty. Names, email addresses, and password hashes accessed in attack.
Sharing details of the breach would help other organizations identify if they have also been targeted by this group, security experts said.
Industrial cybersecurity startup CyberX has launched its Industrial Threat Intelligence Platform, which the company says can help utilities identify cyber security threats in operational networks.
New York- based managed care provider Healthfirst said that roughly 5,300 of its current and members had personal information compromised as a result of a fraud scheme.
Anonymous hackers steal thousands of records from US Census Bureau. Agency says only non-confidential system have been breached.
A CISO's job is on the line after a data breach, even if he or she had no authority to make changes or implement necessary plans.
Boston, Mass.-based Rapid7, a provider of security analytics software and services, said on Wednesday that its recent initial public offering (IPO) netted the company over $100 million in new cash.
LookingGlass Cyber Solutions has acquired botnet monitoring firm Kleissner and Associates (K&A) for an undisclosed sum.
The director of the US Office of Personnel Management resigned Friday after a devastating hack of government databases that saw the personal information of millions of federal workers and contractors stolen.

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Rafal Los's picture
Every good leader, security or otherwise, builds out a strategy to set a direction and goals, with guidelines for execution and maybe even a way to measure success.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
Security is most definitely a stressful business. It’s all too easy to get caught up in day-to-day activities and to forget to come up for air.
Alan Cohen's picture
Cyber security is a nation-first, vendor-second issue. Recent events have frighteningly underscored the requirement to fundamentally rethink our approach to information security lest our economy, our very way of life suffer drastically.
Rafal Los's picture
Often times it’s the insiders that enable the external attacker – either willingly or otherwise, and the result can be even more devastating than that of an external attacker.
Mark Hatton's picture
Unfortunately, when it comes to security, what you’ve accomplished means very little. It’s all about where the vulnerabilities still exist.
Jason Polancich's picture
With your own internal cyber bounty program designed to reward your best assets at their positions, you can begin to see real results against attackers and build a team that will compete over the long haul.
Alan Cohen's picture
Today’s network perimeter is increasingly not a single physical or virtual place, yet much of the industry debate is still focused on the perimeter.
Rafal Los's picture
What does “good enough” security mean to you? When you decide that you know what good enough means, you then have to be able to defend it.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
It is helpful to understand the mistakes of others and to look at making your organization more attractive to hard-to-find and harder-to-retain analytical talent.
Jason Polancich's picture
Without a solid base in knowing who you are as a target and what’s going on around you at all times, everything else you do is essentially a half-measure.