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Systems and security management company Tanium has secured an additional $52 million in funding from Silicon Valley VC firm Andreessen Horowitz.
If you want to make your case for investing in advanced threat protection to your company’s executives, then you’ll need to think like your executives.
Lookingglass Cyber Solutions raised $20 million in new capital through a Series B round of funding.
The 2015 ICS Cyber Security Conference (15th!) will take place October 26-29th at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center in Atlanta, Georgia.
UK-based Darktrace, a cyber security startup that leverages machine learning and mathematics to detect threats, has raised $18 million in funding from investors including Invoke Capital, Talis Capital, Hoxton Ventures and private individuals.
Attackers hacking into American computer networks appear to be leaving "cyber fingerprints" to send a message that critical systems are vulnerable, Admiral Michael Rogers, director of the NSA and head of US Cyber Command, said Thursday.
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Premera Blue Cross said Tuesday its computer network had been hacked, potentially exposing data from 11 million people.
Data alone presents a few problems, but many of them emerge from a single misguided view – 
that big data is the answer, not part of the answer.
Internet security experts have set up "Project Honey Train" with an online railway control system as bait, hoping to "get inside the heads of cyber criminals" -- but without the real-life casualties.

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The transition from a compliance-driven check-box approach to a risk-based model, enables businesses to centralize the ongoing definition, evaluation, remediation, and analysis of their risk posture in a closed-loop process.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
If you are a security leader, you owe it to yourself and to your organization to create a culture that rewards honesty and truthfulness. Otherwise, the house always wins.
Marc Solomon's picture
For modern businesses, security leadership needs to ascend even higher in the organization: to the boardroom.
Mark Hatton's picture
What are we to make of Hollywood’s latest obsession with all things cyber? Between the recently released movie, Blackhat, and the forthcoming CSI CYBER TV series, the powers that be have clearly decided this subject is exciting enough to attract an audience.
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While you may have the greatest advantage if you know your enemy well, you are in the greatest peril if you do not know yourself well.
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Massive data breaches are raising doubts about whether organizations are investing their security dollars in the right areas.
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After seeing an adaptation of Thomas Pynchon’s Inherent Vice, the movie started making more sense to me than the threat intelligence market. Then it hit me.
Fahmida Y. Rashid's picture
Piper Jaffray's fourth annual CIO survey found that 75 percent of CIOs were expecting to increase their security spending in 2015. But are these security investments spent and utilized wisely?
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The past few decades in the information security field have been dominated by passive failure. Clearly, not every new idea has merit, but those ideas that come about scientifically and methodically have tremendous potential to improve the state of security.
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Several financial analyst firms concluded extensive studies, surveying over a thousand CIOs and CSOs cumulatively, to gain a better understanding of how these breaches are impacting spending behaviors.