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Please join Trend Micro and SecurityWeek this week in Minneapolis or Atlanta for a free security seminar along with with food and open bar!
Please join Trend Micro and SecurityWeek this week in Minneapolis or Atlanta for a free security seminar along with with food and open bar!
These complimentary educational sessions are designed to be a highly interactive, and bring together industry practitioners from the National Cyber Security Alliance, Cloud Security Alliance and industry partners to help you combat the cyber underworld.
Outgoing DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano warned of a "major cyber event" in the future that would have a "serious" impact on American society.
A "significant" number of stock exchanges have been hit by cyber-attacks over the past year, according to a recent study from a group representing global stock exchanges.
Gaming companies have become a favorite target for attackers. What valuable assets do these video game firms have that is so attractive to cyber criminals?
In a survey of CIOs, system administrators, and compliance auditors, SANS Institute found that the awareness of the Critical Security Controls is very high, and many organizations are actively implementing all or parts of the controls.
Trustwave unveiled new security information and event management (SIEM) software designed to help businesses better defend against security threats that put sensitive data and operations at risk.
Cisco is revamping its security ecosystem to increase the focus on its Identity Services Engine, which would help enterprises deploy layered defenses without increasing complexity.
During the House’s Energy and Commerce Committee's cybersecurity hearing, Representatives Henry Waxman and Ed Markey released a report detailing the risks faced by the nation’s power grid.

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Michael Callahan's picture
While obscuring website code, server architecture, and security mechanisms doesn’t provide bullet-proof security on its own, it is actually pretty effective.
Chris Coleman's picture
Over the past year the buzz around tracking threat actors has been growing and in my opinion hitting the height of the hype cycle. Relying on behavior profiles alone is a great way to get an unwelcomed outcome.
Ram Mohan's picture
Despite its popularity, security issues exist with outsourcing; to avoid trouble down the road, a proactive, thoughtful and thorough approach at the beginning of the process usually helps.
Dr. Mike Lloyd's picture
Continuous monitoring is a call for maturity in our risk management and assessment processes – check that we’ve locked the doors and that the barn door is closed before the inevitable attack comes.
Shaun Donaldson's picture
When the subject of public cloud computing comes-up, it is inevitable that the concept of ‘risk’ soon follows. But the greatest risk to an organization considering public cloud is not security, it is cost.
Mark Hatton's picture
There is an old saying, that if you want to get ahead, don’t bring your boss problems, bring him or her solutions. The same can be said when it comes to investing in security solutions.
Chris Hinkley's picture
Scaling a company or a critical application within can be as scary as it is exciting. IT stakeholders must be part of a proactively designed strategy that’s ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice. Luckily, you can get well on your way to keep performance and security intact while you scale, by ticking three boxes.
Danelle Au's picture
Along with the deployment of a robust security architecture is the need for a monitoring and response process that allows enterprises to continuously monitor and process security data efficiently and proactively act upon this data if something suspicious is found.
Chris Hinkley's picture
If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to stop threats before they hit your environment, here are three security must-haves for 2013.
Wade Williamson's picture
Developing our own search skills will not only expose us to lots of interesting information, but can also significantly improve our own security posture.