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ThreatQuotient launched ThreatQ, a threat intelligence platform designed to manage and correlate threat data from external sources with internal security and analytics solutions.
Ashley Madison, the embattled website catering to affair-seeking clients, on Monday rejected predictions that it will soon be forced to shutter its operations, saying its troubles have been "greatly exaggerated."
The chief executive of dating for adulterers website Ashley Madison stepped down on Friday after hackers leaked its membership list online. said that hackers breached a server and made away with credit card and personal information of roughly 93,000 of its customers.
Hackers breach systems of operations performance management firm PagerDuty. Names, email addresses, and password hashes accessed in attack.
New York- based managed care provider Healthfirst said that roughly 5,300 of its current and members had personal information compromised as a result of a fraud scheme.
Anonymous hackers steal thousands of records from US Census Bureau. Agency says only non-confidential system have been breached.
Tanium has added a new module for its Endpoint Platform that helps organizations understand the origin, scope and cause of a cyber attack across millions of endpoints in seconds.
Following disclosures of devastating breaches of US government computer networks, officials told lawmakers even more intrusions may be discovered with investigations and deployment of new security tools.
U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) warned that hackers may have accessed the personal data of roughly four million federal employees.

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In security circles, 2014 was known colloquially as “the year of the breach.” However, 2015 almost doubled the 2014 tally of breached records, and has done so in the first eight months.
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The way in which we as a security community seem to be approaching the topic of information sharing seems backward to me.
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Detection is a philosophy, approach, and methodology that seeks to identify suspicious or malicious behaviors matching risks and threats the organization is concerned about.
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No IT organization has a seemingly unlimited budget the way that Team Oracle did in the 2013 America’s Cup race. But look closer at why spending on America’s Cup racing seems so out of control and it starts to look a bit more familiar.
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In the world of security, there is often a significant difference between perceived reality and what is actually happening, and the public’s perception of security within your organization can be just as important as reality.
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Tree rings occur when the growing season ends and growth stops. To avoid stagnation, a security organization must never stop growing.
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As a security professional you must know the three categories of threats your organization faces, how to respond to each — and how to expend your resources.
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Massive data breaches are raising doubts about whether organizations are investing their security dollars in the right areas.
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A data breach plan lays out the key steps and the key personnel to involve when a data breach happens, and needs to incorporate three elements.
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At a high level, "big data" and "security analytics" are about the two very different, somewhat diametrically opposed, but equally important concepts of collection and analysis.