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A stealthy malvertising campaign has been flying under the radar for the last few months, targeting millions of readers visiting popular and mainstream news sites. [Read More]
Facing mounting pressure to use their technological clout to curb the spread of jihadist propaganda, major US social networks have finally joined forces in an effort to curb "terrorist content." [Read More]
Locky ransomware has once again switched to a new extension to append to encrypted files, but reverted to malicious Office (Excel) documents for distribution, security researchers have discovered. [Read More]
Changes are most certainly going to be made to cybersecurity as Donald Trump takes office. The election itself was tarnished with security issues that created at the very least tension, and at its pinnacle, a kind of hysteria. [Read More]
Security researchers have taken a closer look at the (Mamba / HDDCryptor) malware used in the ransomware attack targeting the San Francisco Municipal Transport Authority (SFMTA, or 'Muni'). [Read More]
Russian President Vladimir Putin on signed off on a plan aimed at bolstering the country's defenses against cyberattacks from abroad and cracking down on perceived foreign influence. [Read More]
State-controlled Russian bank VTB said Monday that its websites had been hit by a cyberattack but insisted its systems were still working "as normal". [Read More]
Saudi Arabian civil aviation agency confirms it was targeted in Shamoon 2.0 attacks, but downplayed the impact [Read More]
Russia on Friday said it had uncovered plans by foreign intelligence services to carry out massive cyberattacks this month targeting the country's financial system. [Read More]
AlphaBay vendor IcyEagle – real name Aaron James Glende – sentenced to 50 months in prison for selling stolen bank account information [Read More]


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By being aware of the latest tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), organizations can understand how to mitigate damage and thwart cyber attacks during the holidays.
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Entering the Deep & Dark Web also requires highly-advanced operations security and technical skills. Not only is gaining access to these online communities extremely difficult, it is risky.
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This election cycle has shown that state actors may also believe that some data has more value if it is made public.
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Employees who have reused corporate emails and passwords for personal use can put their employers at risk of account takeovers, credential stuffing and extortion attempts.
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While exploit kits are certainly contributing to the steady rise in the number of cyberattacks, in the end, the methods they use to infect endpoints and networks can be stopped provided the proper steps are taken.
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Developing awareness about dual revenue attacks is the first step in preparing your organization to deal with these threats.
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With good security hygiene and a few basic measures you’ll be able to more effectively block, contain, and negate the impact of ransomware.
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There are computers within our computers that are largely beyond the scope of security, yet control everything we think we know about the device.
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As recent events have shown, you shouldn’t let your guard down because a threat actor or operation appears to have been shut down.
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Hackers are humans, too, and most humans tend to veer toward the path of least resistance. So why wouldn’t they choose an easy—and lucrative—target like a hospital?