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A group of former and current students have sued Google in federal court in San Jose, California, alleging that the company scanned their Gmail accounts and gathered data for advertising purposes. [Read More]
Gamers who created an account on the forums of Bohemia Interactive’s DayZ video game have been advised to change their passwords due to a data breach [Read More]
Hidden Tear, the so-called educational ransomware that was released as Open Source in August 2015, has been used to create over two dozen spin-offs, Kaspersky Lab researchers warn. [Read More]
A former Department of Energy employee pleaded guilty to a federal offense stemming from an attempt to hack agency computers to steal and sell nuclear secrets to Iran, China and Venezuela. [Read More]
NASA has denied a hacker group’s claims that it obtained sensitive information from the agency’s systems and that it hacked one of its drones [Read More]
Cybercriminals behind the Dridex botnet have ramped up their email campaign activity following a short holiday season break, researchers at FireEye Labs say. [Read More]
Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus informed 5,200 customers last week that their online accounts had been accessed by hackers [Read More]
Encrypted communication is making law enforcement and counterterrorism investigations more difficult, but fears of "going dark" are overblown, a study shows. [Read More]
Researchers at Kaspersky Lab have discovered a Linux backdoor that has been migrated to Windows and added a series of new capabilities. [Read More]
The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) was hacked and terabytes of files were reportedly stolen [Read More]


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Wade Williamson's picture
Asking for security backdoors that only benefit the good guys is like asking for bullets that only hurt the bad guys. That’s simply not how encryption works.
Tim Layton's picture
By understanding your adversaries’ activity on the Dark Web , you can take more of a proactive approach that helps reduce uncertainty and improves overall cyber resiliency.
Alastair Paterson's picture
As security professionals, it’s our job to enable business while protecting it; embracing social media is an imperative, but we also need to mitigate the exploitation of what our organizations reveal online.
Scott Gainey's picture
Companies need educate employees about ransomware, and the techniques criminals use to launch attacks such as phishing emails or distribution through social media channels.
Marc Solomon's picture
Hackers are hijacking legitimate online resources to launch campaigns that ultimately show them the money.
Jason Polancich's picture
Competitive advantage is something that makes you better than the competition. Recent headlines show that hacking is everyday business for organizations just as much as it is for the cybercriminal.
Scott Gainey's picture
To replace antivirus, consider alternatives that integrate prediction, prevention, detection and remediation to protect against advanced threats that employ a wide variety of attack vectors.
Bill Sweeney's picture
As data moves online, social engineering techniques have become far more personalized, technologically advanced and ultimately successful.
David Holmes's picture
In the initial hours after the Paris attacks by Islamic terrorists, when the PlayStation 4 rumor was first circulating, I decided to see exactly what kind of encryption the PS4 uses for its messaging system.
Simon Crosby's picture
We owe the richness of today’s Web to the micro-payment model of online advertising, and it is difficult to imagine an alternative. But there are consequences for anyone who uses the Internet, although they may not realize it.