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Europol has declared war on ransomware with the launch today of its 'no more ransom' initiative. [Read More]
The Federal Bureau of Investigation said Monday it was investigating the "cyber intrusion" at the Democratic National Committee after internal emails were leaked showing party leaders sought to undermine the campaign of Bernie Sanders. [Read More]
The actor behind the Kovter Trojan has come up with a new persistence mechanism, and is masquerading the malware as a Chrome update, Microsoft security researchers warn. [Read More]
A series of spectacular cyber attacks against banks, resulting in the theft of tens of millions of dollars, has heightened fears for an industry becoming an increasingly attractive target for hackers. [Read More]
Oregon man accused of hacking hundreds of email accounts, including ones belonging to celebrities, sentenced to 6 months in prison [Read More]
CTB-Faker claims that users’ files were encrypted by CTB-Locker, the claim is far from true. [Read More]
There were nearly six million fraud and cyber crimes committed in the UK in the 12 months to March 2016, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) [Read More]
Ukrainian Artem Vaulin, alleged to be the ringleader of the world's biggest online piracy site, Kickass Torrents, was accused of distributing over $1 billion worth of illegally copied films, music and other content. [Read More]
CryptXXX, the ransomware family that steals user data in addition to holding it hostage, might soon see tough competition from newcomer CrypMIC. [Read More]
Cicis informed customers that cybercriminals may have stolen data from payment cards used at nearly 140 restaurants [Read More]


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It's important to look at your environment through the eyes of an attacker to detect the threats and vulnerabilities relevant to your organization.
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Cyber situational awareness can give you greater insights into the tools and processes used by actors that employ DDoS-based extortion and compromised data release extortion.
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It’s hard keeping criminals from infiltrating networks, much less worrying that users will simply open the door to bad guys by letting their guard down.
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Cyber situational awareness can provide insights into the people, processes and technology your adversaries use and turn those into an advantage.
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A cyber espionage attack against Swiss defense firm RUAG was carried out by the Russia-linked hackers according to a report commissioned by the Swiss government.
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Behavioral detection models can focus in on what the attacker actually does, instead of relying on a set of signatures or known indicators of compromise that often lag behind attackers.
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Thomas Rid, Professor in the Department of War Studies at King’s College London, joins the podcast to discuss the lack of nuance in the crypto debate and the future of global cyber conflict.
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Typical lockdown or encryption of a system happens within a minute or two of the ransomware’s execution. At that point, there are only two choices left: pay or start cleaning up.
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What do enterprises need to know about ransomware attacks and what can they do to minimize the risk of being victimized?
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While most of us aren’t asking for it, chances are high that we, too, have been—or will become—victims of a cyber attack.