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Researchers at F5 Networks are warning of a new campaign of the Dridex web fraud malware targeting U.S. financial institutions. [Read More]
The US military's secretive Cyber Command (CYBERCOM) is working to destroy the Islamic State group's Internet connections and leave the jihadists in a state of "virtual isolation," Pentagon chiefs said. [Read More]
High-Tech Bridge has launched a new free service to help web site owners and businesses understand and locate domain name threats that could be targeted at them and their customers. [Read More]
The cyber capabilities of the Islamic State and its supporters are still relatively weak and appear to be underfunded and poorly organized, according to a report from Flashpoint. [Read More]
The FBI said it would not disclose details of its hack of an iPhone used by one of the shooters in last year's San Bernardino killing spree. [Read More]
Germany is replacing the head of its foreign intelligence service, which has been rocked by revelations it helped the US National Security Agency spy on European targets. [Read More]
A new piece of Android ransomware is being delivered via a two known exploits without requiring interaction from the victims. [Read More]
The US military is now conducting cyber attacks on the Islamic State group, a general said Tuesday as the Pentagon looks for ways to accelerate the fight against the jihadists. [Read More]
NSA chief Michael Rogers told Congress earlier this month that Chinese hackers remain "engaged in activity directed against US companies" and that the "jury is still out" on whether China indeed passes intel to the business world. [Read More]
A new cyber-extortion group is sending empty threats extorting organizations by demanding a ransom in order to avoid being hit by DDoS attacks. [Read More]


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Companies need educate employees about ransomware, and the techniques criminals use to launch attacks such as phishing emails or distribution through social media channels.
Marc Solomon's picture
Hackers are hijacking legitimate online resources to launch campaigns that ultimately show them the money.
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Competitive advantage is something that makes you better than the competition. Recent headlines show that hacking is everyday business for organizations just as much as it is for the cybercriminal.
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To replace antivirus, consider alternatives that integrate prediction, prevention, detection and remediation to protect against advanced threats that employ a wide variety of attack vectors.
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As data moves online, social engineering techniques have become far more personalized, technologically advanced and ultimately successful.
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In the initial hours after the Paris attacks by Islamic terrorists, when the PlayStation 4 rumor was first circulating, I decided to see exactly what kind of encryption the PS4 uses for its messaging system.
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We owe the richness of today’s Web to the micro-payment model of online advertising, and it is difficult to imagine an alternative. But there are consequences for anyone who uses the Internet, although they may not realize it.
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cybercrime is beginning to really impact the lives of individuals and businesses in increasingly harmful ways. In fact, the illicit market that is the Dark Web now trades in all manner of cybercrime exploits that can do harm.
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While the battlefield and rules of engagement have changed, the people fighting the battle against APTs remain as committed as ever.
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Although ransomware is commonly targeted at consumers, recent versions have targeted the enterprise with a vengeance. This has shifted ransomware from a nuisance to a potentially debilitating attack that can freeze critical assets and intellectual property.