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Congress passed legislation to fight cyber threats as part of the "omnibus" funding bill, which easily passed in the Senate, also in the process gave congressional approval to the landmark Cybersecurity Act. [Read More]
Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry is determined to help law enforcement and government agencies in their investigations even when that means breaking its commitment to privacy, John Chen, the company’s CEO says. [Read More]
US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter acknowledged making a "mistake" when he used his personal email for government business in the early part of his tenure. [Read More]
Every nation should have independent authority over its own Internet, Chinese President Xi Jinping said, telling a government-organized conference that "freedom and order" are both necessary in cyberspace. [Read More]
An operation that involved Europol and various law enforcement and judicial authorities across Europe resulted in 12 individuals being arrested for the use of remote access Trojans (RATs). [Read More]
UK police arrest 21-year-old man as part of the investigation into the VTech hack [Read More]
Pressure is growing on social networks to play a bigger role in finding and weeding out jihadists and others looking to recruit members and plot deadly attacks. [Read More]
Dianne Feinstein and Richard Burr introduced a bill that would compel tech companies, particularly social media firms like Facebook and Twitter, to warn law enforcement when they detect terrorist activity on their platforms. [Read More]
The US government has halted its controversial program to collect vast troves of information from Americans' phone calls. [Read More]
A fifth suspect has been arrested over the recent TalkTalk hack. This time it’s an 18-year-old boy from Wales suspected of blackmail [Read More]

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Eric Knapp's picture
The NSA tapping into our digital lives is a heinous breach of privacy, say those on the opposing team. I say, “meh.” Assume that everything you do and say is being watched and heard, always.
Mark Hatton's picture
They always say in the investment world that cash is king. We are now seeing that in terms of cyber as well. Stealing cash, it’s even better than stealing money.
John Vecchi's picture
Understanding the various types of malicious actors targeting your networks, including their motivations and modus operandi, is key to identifying, expelling and expunging them.
Gant Redmon's picture
When it comes to cybercrime, the police really can’t and aren’t going to protect residents of your town. The same goes for all towns and cities. Unless you’re talking a high six-figure theft, it's unlikely an officer will be assigned to your case.
Rod Rasmussen's picture
In this second column in a two part series, Rod tackles the impact of the DNSChanger malware and simple solutions to counter similar DNS attacks on enterprises and major government agencies.
Chris Poulin's picture
To effectively defend yourself against an enemy, you have to think like your adversary. Put yourself in their mind, their shoes. What’s the motive? How determined are they? Will they stop at a well-hardened network perimeter or move on to other tactics, including social engineering? Once you suffer a breach, how do you share your analysis?
Idan Aharoni's picture
The worlds of counter terrorism and fraud prevention should increase their ties. Systems that are already implemented in one world may be applied to the other. Solution providers and policy makers from both worlds need to meet up and share ideas, thoughts and experience for the benefit of both.
Noa Bar-Yosef's picture
This week, we highlight a mix of tools and tool types that security researchers should have in their weapons in arsenal, including tools unveiled for the first time at the Black Hat conference.
Michael Goff's picture
Once a Software Vendor discovers that their software has been pirated, the gut reaction is to put an immediate stop to it. If piracy is discovered, it’s best to react, but don’t overreact. Be proactive, yet patient.
Idan Aharoni's picture
Crowd sourcing investigations could harness the power of the web and its population to track down cybercriminals. But such a community effort of a cyber investigation comes with big challenges....