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Microsoft warned governments against exploit stockpiling, following the global WannaCrypt ransomware attack that started on May 12. [Read More]
In response to a massive ransomware outbreak Microsoft took the highly unusual step of providing a security update for those using Windows XP, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2003. [Read More]
WannaCry ransomware struck state agencies and major companies around the world -- from Russian banks and British hospitals to FedEx and European car factories. [Read More]
Security experts expressed alarm Friday over a fast-moving wave of cyberattacks around the world that appeared to exploit a flaw exposed in documents leaked from the US National Security Agency. [Read More]
Jaff is brand new ransomware family is currently distributed via Necurs, the botnet behind Locky and Dridex campaigns over the past year. [Read More]
The GootKit banking malware has joined the growing band of advanced financial trojans that have migrated from web-injections to redirection attacks. [Read More]
The author of the newly discovered "RSAUtil" ransomware family is hacking into remote desktop services to upload the ransomware alongside a bunch of other tools. [Read More]
Microsoft patches zero-day flaws exploited by cybercriminals and the Russia-linked cyber espionage groups Turla and APT28 [Read More]
A piece of ransomware currently in development is deleting users’ files if the ransom isn’t paid within a given period of time. [Read More]
A download mirror for the video converting tool HandBrake was recently compromised and configured to distribute a remote administration Trojan (RAT) for Mac computers. [Read More]


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Wade Williamson's picture
There are computers within our computers that are largely beyond the scope of security, yet control everything we think we know about the device.
Erin O’Malley's picture
Hackers are humans, too, and most humans tend to veer toward the path of least resistance. So why wouldn’t they choose an easy—and lucrative—target like a hospital?
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Cyber situational awareness can give you greater insights into the tools and processes used by actors that employ DDoS-based extortion and compromised data release extortion.
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A cyber espionage attack against Swiss defense firm RUAG was carried out by the Russia-linked hackers according to a report commissioned by the Swiss government.
Wade Williamson's picture
Behavioral detection models can focus in on what the attacker actually does, instead of relying on a set of signatures or known indicators of compromise that often lag behind attackers.
Jack Danahy's picture
Typical lockdown or encryption of a system happens within a minute or two of the ransomware’s execution. At that point, there are only two choices left: pay or start cleaning up.
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What do enterprises need to know about ransomware attacks and what can they do to minimize the risk of being victimized?
Jennifer Blatnik's picture
It is critical for business leadership to address the growing threat of ransomware as a business risk rather than a siloed IT issue.
Wade Williamson's picture
The evolution of ransomware from simple malware to more persistent attacks has a major impact on the way enterprise security teams have to think about mitigation.
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By monitoring for and detecting the underlying and shared behaviors of malware we can effectively stop ransomware infections before they can cause damage.