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Up to 40,000 OnePlus customers may have been impacted after attackers managed to compromise the company’s payment page. [Read More]
Red Hat pulls microcode patches for one variant of the Spectre exploit after users complained that it caused their systems to stop booting [Read More]
Authentication is a risk valuation - What might be the right solution for one organization or environment might be the wrong solution for another. [Read More]
A significant number of ICS and corporate systems may be exposed to remote attacks due to serious vulnerabilities in a protection and licensing software from Gemalto [Read More]
A British teenager managed to access the communications accounts of top US intelligence and security officials including the then CIA chief John Brennan [Read More]
Kaspersky Lab files injunction in an effort to expedite its appeal against the DHS’s decision to ban government agencies from using the company’s products [Read More]
A New Mexico man admitted in court this week to launching distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against the websites of former employers, business competitors, and public services. [Read More]
A researcher discovered hundreds of misconfigured Jenkins servers that leaked sensitive information, including ones belonging to major companies [Read More]
Ethical hackers say companies have become more open to receiving vulnerability reports from researchers, but many firms still don’t provide a channel for responsible disclosure [Read More]
A recently observed email campaign is abusing compromised FTP servers as download locations for malicious documents and infecting users with the Dridex banking Trojan [Read More]

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Barak Perelman's picture
Many systems that support industrial controllers are likely vulnerable to Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities, which affect hardware running in the majority of the world’s computing devices.
Oliver Rochford's picture
Fear Uncertainty and Doubt or FUD, have always played a part in convincing businesses and governments to invest in cybersecurity.
Stan Engelbrecht's picture
The rapidly evolving threat landscape, constantly changing best practices, and surplus of security tools make it easy to overlook important steps during incident response (IR) planning.
Dan Cornell's picture
When planning a testing strategy for an application, it is important to evaluate the applicability and likely effectiveness of the various testing approach options.
David Holmes's picture
Several tech vendors have been added to the list of vendors vulnerable to a variation on the Bleichenbacher attack called the ROBOT attack.
Josh Lefkowitz's picture
As many manufacturers continue to integrate automation, IoT devices, and other Internet-connected technologies with their OT networks, they are inadvertently expanding the attack surface area.
Jalal Bouhdada's picture
Jalal Bouhdada, Founder and Principal ICS Security Consultant at Applied Risk, discusses the implications of the new EU Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems (NIS)
Ashley Arbuckle's picture
Regularly practicing and refining your incident response plan so that you can proactively strengthen defenses and improve cyber hygiene requires ongoing attention by skilled security professionals with IR expertise.
Steven Grossman's picture
How can a company protect its information and operations without running askew of data privacy laws and the concerns of its customers?
Preston Hogue's picture
No company has the ability to mitigate all risks at all times. No company I’ve ever visited has even had all of its identified risks treated at any given point.