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Barack Obama warned North Korea it would face retaliation for a crippling cyber attack on Sony Pictures over an irreverent film comedy that infuriated Pyongyang.
US-CERT provided a list of the Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) that should be added to network security solutions to determine whether they are present on a network.
A new banking Trojan that appears to be an evolved version of the notorious Zeus has been analyzed by researchers at Kaspersky Lab.
Millions of small office and home (SOHO) routers are affected by a critical security bug that can be exploited by a remote attacker to hijack the devices, Check Point revealed on Thursday.
North Korea was responsible for a "destructive" cyber attack on Sony Pictures, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation said Friday, warning it would hunt down the perpetrators and make them pay.
BlackBerry has completed its acquisition of Secusmart GmbH, a provider of high-security voice and data encryption and anti-eavesdropping solutions.
A researcher has identified a serious vulnerability in the Linux kernel that can be exploited by a local attacker to escalate privileges on affected systems
The distributed revision control system Git is affected by a serious vulnerability that could be exploited by an attacker to execute arbitrary commands and take over a developer's machine.
Ireland’s Office of the Data Protection Commissioner will receive €3.65 million funding in 2015.
An attack launched by an advanced persistent threat (APT) group against an unnamed steel plant in Germany resulted in significant damage.

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Jon-Louis Heimerl's picture
Based on high level review of the types of breaches we have seen over the past year, we should be able to see opportunities to make our environments more resilient to attack.
James McFarlin's picture
If North Korea is connected to the Sony attacks, it would be an archetypal example of such a weaker state using cyber operations to level the playing field in potential confrontations with the United States.
Rebecca Lawson's picture
Moving towards an adaptive and automated way of applying intelligence based on behavior and heuristics is clearly moving in the right direction to enable a more actionable and relevant set of controls.
David Holmes's picture
Even if a currency revolution is happening, the winner might not be Bitcoin, or any crypto currency. It might be an alternative currency.
David Maman's picture
Through simple planning and forethought, organizations can ensure their databases not only meet compliance requirements, but will remain secure.
Adam Firestone's picture
Security requirements for information assurance, risk management, and certification and accreditation constrain Government organizations with respect to software allowed on Government networks.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
In resource-limited environments, every alert counts. Spear alerting is an approach that can help organizations improve their signal-to-noise ratio and make their security programs much more efficient and effective.
Jason Polancich's picture
Starting your own private ISAC is easier and more important long-term than you might think.
Marc Solomon's picture
Today’s email-based attacks don’t occur at a single point in time and use multiple methods to evade detection. To bolster protection, organizations may turn to a set of disparate products that don’t – and can’t – work together.
Nate Kube's picture
When designing for the OT environment, we should review outdated paradigms, and consider newer technologies and the operational realities of the environment.