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Security questions don't always provide the level of security website owners and users hope for, according to a new research paper from Google.
A new survey highlights some of the challenges around threat intelligence sharing.
Researchers at Citizen Lab have found several security and privacy flaws in UC Browser. The Chinese version in particular is plagued by some serious issues.
The corporate network of Telstra-owned telecoms company Pacnet was breached via a SQL injection vulnerability. The attackers uploaded malware and stole admin and user credentials.
The recently disclosed Logjam vulnerability could affect as many as 575 cloud services, says cloud security company Skyhigh Networks.
According to CareFirst, attackers gained limited access to a single database in June of 2014.
Apple has patched more than a dozen security bugs with the release of Watch OS 1.0.1.
A new study from the Ponemon Institute found that attackers are going undetected for 197 days after penetrating the networks of retail companies.
Google has patched tens of vulnerabilities with the release of Chrome 43. Researchers who reported the bugs have been awarded nearly $40,000.
New TLS vulnerability dubbed Logjam exposes many websites and mail servers. Attackers can exploit the bug to downgrade connections and eavesdrop on communications.

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Torsten George's picture
How can companies deal with this challenge and transition to a model that uses more data to assess risks? One way is to implement cyber security operational risk management best practices.
Rafal Los's picture
Security leaders struggle to replicate successes from one enterprise to another largely because they are starting from scratch at every new turn.
Jason Polancich's picture
Cyber defense must develop from a solid foundation in verifiable data into repeatable, measurable processes that mitigate or eliminate risk. With simple risk intelligence, any business can go from nothing to something much faster.
Marc Solomon's picture
By embedding security everywhere across the extended network, not only does security become more effective against advanced attacks, it also becomes a business enabler.
Travis Greene's picture
Security teams must bear equal, if not more responsibility, for reducing the risk of credential fatigue leading to inadvertent exposure.
Mark Hatton's picture
In the world of security, there is often a significant difference between perceived reality and what is actually happening, and the public’s perception of security within your organization can be just as important as reality.
Adam Ely's picture
The mobile strategist will play a pivotal role in mobile integration, as they pave the way for the organizations to do so purposefully and securely.
David Holmes's picture
After the rounds of predictions for 2014, I had bet my colleague that if no mobile DDoS appeared this year, we’d stop talking about it. And it looks like we can.
Rafal Los's picture
Prioritizing is an unenviable job many security professionals must do every day – do you go live with a product on time, or do you hold it to fix that security bug which could cause a catastrophic failure?
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
The question of build or buy is not a new one, but it is one that does not adequately suit the implementation of a security solution.