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US cinemas canceled screenings, including a red-carpet New York premiere, of a madcap comedy that offended North Korea, after hackers issued a chilling threat.
IOActive has expanded its Vehicle Security Service to help automakers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) better protect against cyber threats.
Palo Alto Networks released details of a backdoor on Android-based devices manufactured by Coolpad.
Two products from Cisco are vulnerable to a new variant of the Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption (POODLE) attack, the company said in a security advisory.
Google has released a new version of End-to-End, an open source encryption extension for Chrome introduced by the company earlier this year.
The developers of the popular PHP-based open source Internet forum software phpBB have shut down their network following a cyberattack in which user information might have been compromised.
Several Linux distributions are affected by a couple of security holes found in "mailx," a utility that's used for sending and receiving mail.
Hackers invoked the 9/11 attacks Tuesday in their most chilling threat yet against Sony Pictures.
According to Symantec, researchers have seen a spike in emails with malicious links of late.
The PCI Security Standards Council is weighing in to help push best practices for terminal software security.

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Rebecca Lawson's picture
Moving towards an adaptive and automated way of applying intelligence based on behavior and heuristics is clearly moving in the right direction to enable a more actionable and relevant set of controls.
David Holmes's picture
Even if a currency revolution is happening, the winner might not be Bitcoin, or any crypto currency. It might be an alternative currency.
David Maman's picture
Through simple planning and forethought, organizations can ensure their databases not only meet compliance requirements, but will remain secure.
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Security requirements for information assurance, risk management, and certification and accreditation constrain Government organizations with respect to software allowed on Government networks.
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In resource-limited environments, every alert counts. Spear alerting is an approach that can help organizations improve their signal-to-noise ratio and make their security programs much more efficient and effective.
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Starting your own private ISAC is easier and more important long-term than you might think.
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Today’s email-based attacks don’t occur at a single point in time and use multiple methods to evade detection. To bolster protection, organizations may turn to a set of disparate products that don’t – and can’t – work together.
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When designing for the OT environment, we should review outdated paradigms, and consider newer technologies and the operational realities of the environment.
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Just as automation is applied to the process of Access Certification, the process of revocation needs automation to deliver an Access Governance program that not only satisfies compliance mandates, but actually reduces risk.
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What key forces are driving the demand for cyber insurance and how can such coverage best fit into an overall cybersecurity strategy?