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Honda said June 21 that it had temporarily halted production at a plant in Japan after it suffered a cyberattack from the same ransomware that struck hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide last month. [Read More]
Drupal developers release security updates that patch several flaws, including one exploited in the wild in spam campaigns [Read More]
Hackers sponsored by the Russian government targeted election-related networks in 21 U.S. states, says the DHS [Read More]
SecurityWeek’s CISO Forum was specifically designed to bring together senior level security executives in an intimate environment for the ultimate exchange of knowledge and insights [Read More]
Not everyone believes it is possible to accurately define and compare costs of data breaches in different companies over time. In recent years both Verizon and ENISA have said it is too difficult. [Read More]
After making it available on iOS devices in November 2016, Mozilla this week brought its privacy-focused mobile browser to Android. [Read More]
Elastic Beam emerges from stealth mode with AI-powered API security solution [Read More]
Boston, MA-based Cybereason today announced a $100 million Series D investment from SoftBank Corp., bringing the total raised by the firm to $189 million since its inception in 2012. [Read More]
Overall, security defenses have slightly improved, but attacks continue to evolve. Detection is improving. Trustwave says the median time to detect a compromise has decreased from 80.5 days in 2015 to 49 days in 2016. [Read More]
Palestinian law enforcement agencies and other targets within Palestine were targeted in a spear phishing campaign delivering malware to remotely control infected systems, Talos researchers reveal. [Read More]

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Riaz Zolfonoon's picture
It’s the best of the internet of things and the worst of the internet of things: unprecedented connectivity that creates both tremendous opportunity and considerable risk.
Jack Danahy's picture
It seems as though competing vendors spend more of their marketing dollars describing the insufficiency of existing solutions than they do explaining the added value that their new advancements bring.
Brian Girardi's picture
Success comes down to laying a foundation of monitoring and control to reduce your risk exposure and applying intelligent techniques to the growing endpoint populace. Embrace it, because these technologies make our lives better.
Alex Cox's picture
When it comes to improving cyber incident response, security teams can learn a valuable lesson from the military about the importance of standard operating procedures.
Scott Simkin's picture
Traditional methods of creating, delivering and operationalizing security innovations have grown ever more complex due to a combination of several market factors.
Eddie Garcia's picture
Apache Spot is in its early stages yet it already has all the potential to be the platform where the good guys collaborate, sharing models and algorithms to find the bad actors.
Ken McAlpine's picture
Once you’ve decided that you need to include some SD-WAN capabilities to your network, you should also look at the implications to your security practices.
Marc Solomon's picture
Threat intelligence integration done right will allow you to act on threat intelligence efficiently and effectively using your existing security tools and services.
Ashley Arbuckle's picture
When it comes to automation, most defenders are operating at a deficit. So what’s holding so many enterprises back from incorporating automation in their security programs?
David Holmes's picture
An organization with a mature security process should be doing threat modeling on web applications and Internet of Things devices in the enterprise.