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Sphinx, a new variant of the Zeus banking Trojan, is up for sale on cybercrime forums.
The Sundown exploit kit is the first to leverage a recently patched Internet Explorer vulnerability. Exploit spotted in watering hole attacks primarily aimed at users in Japan.
President Barack Obama will send his national security advisor Susan Rice to Beijing this week, hoping to work through tensions over cyber attacks, the South China Sea and financial turmoil ahead of Xi Jinping's visit to Washington.
Famous car hacker Charlie Miller has resigned from Twitter after three years.
Sven Sakkov replaces Colonel Artur Suzik as the director of the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE).
Court rules that the FTC can sue companies that fail to protect their customers’ data. Wyndham is disappointed by the verdict.
IBM has identified more than 150,000 malicious events originating from United States Tor exit nodes this year.
Two possible suicides may be linked to the hacking of adultery website Ashley Madison and the release of its membership data, Canadian police said.
Dyre banking Trojan now uses task scheduling for persistence, and semi-random configuration file names to evade detection.
Apple has patched nine vulnerabilities in QuickTime for Windows. The flaws can be exploited for DoS attacks and arbitrary code execution.

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Torsten George's picture
Some insurers are citing litigation and poor operations as reasons not to payout on losses.
Rafal Los's picture
Most of a company’s security program elements should have three pieces – those you build, those you buy and those for which you find a partner to help you manage.
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Personally Identifiable Information (PII) can provide invaluable human intelligence to nation-state attackers who are often behind the most sophisticated attacks.
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As new SSL vulnerabilities surface, we can use our enterprise-specific categorization to decide if it’s going to be a Godzilla day or a Hello Kitty day.
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Organizations are asking the question – how much do I really need to spend on security in order to tip the scales in my favor? In order to answer that question you must first quantify the impact and risk of a cyber attack.
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In today’s cyber defense world as in other business domains, actions should speak louder than words. Yet, too often, being “actionable” is just that - a word with no meaning.
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When rock stars use their platforms to harp on populist issues or bring attention to themselves or their agendas, it comes at the expense of all of these challenges. In my view, this does not help advance the state of security.
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Does it really matter if someone steals your healthcare records? What would a hacker do with that information? Sell it? To whom and for what purpose?
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Like other forms of technical debt, security debt must be paid down, which ultimately leads to a more agile and secure enterprise.
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If your organization is not equipped to deal with the security of Emergent IT, it is probably not equipped to deal with the security of mainstream applications sanctioned by IT.