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Encryption can be a terrorist's tool. But it's also a key for those hunting attackers, and for many others.
Nmap Security Scanner 7.0.0 has been released. The latest version brings faster scans, a major NSE expansion and other significant improvements.
Starwood Hotels, which operates well-known hotel brands such as Westin, Sheraton, W Hotels and Le Méridien, said Friday that hackers had infected point of sale payment systems in some of its locations in North America.
LinkedIn was quick to patch a persistent XSS vulnerability found in its Help Center website.
Trojanized adware Shedun abuses the accessibility service in Android to install arbitrary apps without the victim’s consent.
Exploit acquisition firm Zerodium reveals how much money it’s prepared to pay for each type of zero-day.
VMware has released updates for several products due to a vulnerability in Apache Flex BlazeDS
Climate planning website of the World Bank breached by phishers and other hackers. Its EV certificate has been revoked as a result.
Tools and techniques used in attacks aimed at European firms suggest that the DarkSeoul group is back
Britain's GCHQ intelligence agency said it had spray-painted job adverts on London streets popular with hipsters to woo more employees with cyber skills.

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Alastair Paterson's picture
Adversaries can exploit digital shadows to reveal weak points in an organization and launch targeted attacks, but some digital shadows can prove advantageous to your organization; the digital shadows of your attackers.
Bill Sweeney's picture
IT practitioners must learn to think, and communicate, like a board member. One opportunity for security leaders and CISOs to showcase their executive skills comes in the form of defending their budgets.
Wade Williamson's picture
It has become very clear that intrusion detection and intrusion prevention are not simply deployment options of the same technology. They are in fact separate disciplines with unique requirements, goals and roles in the security stack.
Marc Solomon's picture
To ensure you understand and can address the main security challenges cloud apps can introduce to your organization, you need additional visibility and context.
David Holmes's picture
Perhaps the uptick in the adoption of HSTS among the world’s busiest sites foreshadows a broader adoption of this handy security technique.
Rafal Los's picture
Everyone is talking about the shortage in security talent. Literally, everyone. It’s not for naught though, when you look at the sheer volume of open positions out there. We must have a talent shortage, right?
Torsten George's picture
The broad reach of GRC solutions creates a unique set of deployment challenges from both a technical and business perspective. This raises the question – how can organizations avoid common GRC pitfalls?
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
Taking a look at security from a different vantage point that allows us to correlate activity by user, rather than by system alone gives us a very different perspective.
Travis Greene's picture
Yahoo's “Account Key” uses push notifications to their Yahoo Mail app on mobile devices. Will this securely replace passwords and two-factor authentication?
Alan Cohen's picture
While IT security’s role has been a separate party to manage risk and compliance, does starting security oversight outside the continuous delivery process increase risk or lower it?