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A vulnerability (CVE-2015-4050) in the PHP web application framework Symfony exposes apps to unauthorized access.
Fortinet has agreed to acquire Meru Networks (NASDAQ: MERU), a provider of enterprise wireless networking solutions, for roughly $44 million in cash.
Flash Player vulnerability (CVE-2015-3090) fixed two weeks ago integrated into Angler exploit kit. The flaw is leveraged to deliver the Bedep Trojan.
New global initiative backed by security researchers, firms and organizations aims at making smart cities cyber-safe.
Check Point announced the availability of 1200R, a new rugged security gateway appliance designed to protect ICS/SCADA systems.
Hackers stole information on 100,000 taxpayers from the online computers of the US Internal Revenue Service, the federal tax agency said.
The worm is being used to commit fraud on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, researchers believe.
IDA users provided new license keys and asked to change passwords after Hex-Rays detects data breach. The company says it was a targeted attack.
Iran said on Tuesday it had foiled a cyber-attack on the Islamic republic's oil ministry, and that those behind the hacking attempt were based in the United States.
Cybercriminals are using an exploit kit to hijack routers and change their DNS settings. At least 55 router models are targeted.

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Rafal Los's picture
Prioritizing is an unenviable job many security professionals must do every day – do you go live with a product on time, or do you hold it to fix that security bug which could cause a catastrophic failure?
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
The question of build or buy is not a new one, but it is one that does not adequately suit the implementation of a security solution.
Wade Williamson's picture
Network administrators have to remember that they are not just the protectors of the organization – they are also the most valuable targets.
Scott Gainey's picture
As security professionals, we need to approach shadow IT with a pragmatic view – how can we better support the business’ needs while keeping risk in check.
Torsten George's picture
With the growing number of data breaches and a whole new set of security challenges facing companies, it’s time to re-examine the definition of IT risk management.
Jason Polancich's picture
In reality, the beauty of threat intelligence is much more than skin deep. Open source data is just a small part of the threat intelligence picture.
Marc Solomon's picture
To reduce time to detection and time to resolution, threat intelligence must be tactical, contextual, automated, and easily shared.
Travis Greene's picture
The recent development of the democratization of Machine Learning is an indication that it’s time to consider adding it to our security arsenal, as it offers an opportunity to more dynamically measure risk.
Rafal Los's picture
As a potential buyer and consumer of security solutions, how do you know what technologies, products and services will address your needs?
Danelle Au's picture
As long as companies continue to pay ransoms when attacked, we should expect cyber extortion to continue in 2015.