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A critical vulnerability in Cisco’s Voice Operating System exposes a dozen collaboration products to remote attacks [Read More]
Vulnerabilities in the popular WordPress plugin Formidable Forms expose sensitive data and allow hackers to hijack websites [Read More]
Windows 10 Creators Update can detect reflective Dynamic-Link Library (DLL) loading in a variety of high-risk processes, including browsers and productivity software, Microsoft says. [Read More]
Fileless attacks are on the rise and do not install detectable files, but leverage exploits designed to run malicious code or launch scripts directly from memory. [Read More]
Microsoft has patched a security vulnerability (CVE-2017-11882) that has impacted all versions of its Microsoft Office suite over the past 17 years. [Read More]
Amazon Echo and Google Home devices are vulnerable to attacks exploiting the recently disclosed BlueBorne vulnerabilities [Read More]
Russia has launched cyber attacks on the UK media, telecoms and energy sectors in the past year, Britain's cyber security chief said Wednesday amid reports of Russian interference in the Brexit referendum. [Read More]
A newly discovered multi-stage Android malware that managed to sneak into Google Play is using advanced anti-detection features, ESET security researchers reveal. [Read More]
Two major financial services and regulated industry compliance firms, Smarsh and Actiance, have combined to better serve industry's increasingly complex requirements around communications, archiving and discovery regulations. [Read More]
Oracle patches several vulnerabilities, including two rated critical, in the Jolt server component of the company’s Tuxedo product [Read More]

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Oliver Rochford's picture
Compared to the perception that security inhibits productivity and innovation, the reality is bad security has a far greater negative impact.
John Maddison's picture
Here are six things every organization needs to consider when approaching security, especially during the chaos and time pressures of a network undergoing digital transformation.
David Holmes's picture
DUHK and ROCA are both implementation-specific vulnerabilities concerning one of my favorite topics, random number generators.
Ashley Arbuckle's picture
The goal of IT/OT convergence is to make the OT side more resilient through effective cyber protections, and instill confidence in your board and senior executives.
Marc Solomon's picture
Full automation ignores the key inputs from human intelligence. When it comes to “orient” and “decide,” the human element needs to be involved.
Torsten George's picture
The end user community is at the mercy of security researchers to act responsibly in order to limit the potential for their findings to be used for malicious purposes.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
The way in which the security community typically reacts after certain high profile incidents is somewhat alarming. There are typically two responses, neither of which is particularly appropriate or helpful: Mocking and Ambulance chasing.
Barak Perelman's picture
The successful deployment of industrial cybersecurity projects must leverage resources from both IT and OT.
Rafal Los's picture
There is no “secure.” The minute you think you can reach that place, you’re already wrong. Worse, you’d doing yourself and your organization a disservice.
Steven Grossman's picture
Despite the significant momentary effect of major breaches on profits, stock prices and careers of company executives, most breaches to date have not had a long term financial effect on the businesses in question.