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The official Call for Papers for the 2015 Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Cyber Security Conference, to be held October 26 – 29, 2015 at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center in Atlanta is now open.
The Fire OS 4.6.1 update released by Amazon for Fire Phone patches at least three security holes.
The recently patched Flash Player flaw used by the Chinese threat group APT3 has now been integrated into the Magnitude exploit kit.
Honeywell and Intel Security said will combine forces to boost protection of critical industrial infrastructure and the “Industrial Internet of Things” (IIoT).
Join this interactive webcast on June 30th at 1pm ET to learn best practices for managing and governing privileged identities in the modern enterprise.
Cisco warned on Thursday that as a result of default encryption keys in three of its security products, customers are at risk of an unauthenticated remote attacker being able intercept traffic or gain access to vulnerable systems with root privileges.
The head of US intelligence said that China is "the leading suspect" in a massive data breach at the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM).
Tanium has added a new module for its Endpoint Platform that helps organizations understand the origin, scope and cause of a cyber attack across millions of endpoints in seconds.
Health organizations in North America are being hit hardest by the Stegoloader malware, according to Trend Micro.
In an analysis of 660,000 pieces of information collected, Recorded Future found login credentials for 89 unique domains possibly belonging to government agencies.

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Rafal Los's picture
What does “good enough” security mean to you? When you decide that you know what good enough means, you then have to be able to defend it.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
It is helpful to understand the mistakes of others and to look at making your organization more attractive to hard-to-find and harder-to-retain analytical talent.
Torsten George's picture
To achieve continuous compliance and monitoring, organizations are forced to automate many otherwise manual, labor-intensive tasks.
Alan Cohen's picture
Just as enterprise computing is having a DevOps moment, much of the security profession has woken up to the fact they are mired in the traditional infrastructure and silo approach.
Marc Solomon's picture
Just as the graduating class of 2015 will evolve how they operate to realize their full potential in the real world, we must evolve our approach to security in the Digital Economy.
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Without a solid base in knowing who you are as a target and what’s going on around you at all times, everything else you do is essentially a half-measure.
David Holmes's picture
DDoS continues to wax and wane in unpredictable cycles, but the ecosystem has evolved to keep it out of the mobile space.
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No IT organization has a seemingly unlimited budget the way that Team Oracle did in the 2013 America’s Cup race. But look closer at why spending on America’s Cup racing seems so out of control and it starts to look a bit more familiar.
Rafal Los's picture
While serving as a security leader, how often have you heard or have yourself said, “If only the executives would pay attention to me?”
Nate Kube's picture
Manufacturing supply chains are vital to the development and fulfillment of any modern technology—they change rapidly and locations of suppliers change. This dynamic nature of the supply chain exposes enterprises to a wide variety of risks.