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French defense contractor DCNS has been hit by a massive leak of 22,400 leaked pages of secret data on its submarines. [Read More]
Hackers have stolen 25 million user accounts from Mail.Ru domains, but the Internet company says the compromised credentials are invalid [Read More]
Cisco has started releasing updates for its ASA software to address the vulnerability used in the recently leaked NSA-linked exploit [Read More]
Twitoor Android malware is using an innovative method of receiving commands: it connects to a Twitter account instead of a command and control (C&C) server, ESET researchers say. [Read More]
Attackers can chain together a couple of vulnerabilities to completely compromise VMware vRA appliances [Read More]
Dragos, a startup focused on protecting industrial control systems (ICS) from cyber threats, has raised $1.2 million from startup studio DataTribe. [Read More]
A critical vulnerability that can be exploited to bypass authentication affects servers, routers and gateways from Moxa [Read More]
A Linux Trojan (PNScan) that emerged more than a year ago is once again actively targeting routers in an attempt to install backdoors on them. [Read More]
A poorly conducted survey failed to provide enough information to come to any conclusion about the prevalence and effect of ransomware in UK universities. [Read More]
Wildfire, a recently observed piece of ransomware targeting mainly users in Belgium and the Netherlands, has generated roughly $80,000 in illicit revenue for its operators. [Read More]

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Alastair Paterson's picture
Developing awareness about dual revenue attacks is the first step in preparing your organization to deal with these threats.
Eddie Garcia's picture
This article explains how to encrypt data in a Hadoop cluster. The tools are available, and if you are brave enough, you could attempt this at home.
Torsten George's picture
Relying solely on existing intelligence provided by vulnerability scanners should only be a first step in a cyber risk management process.
Ashley Arbuckle's picture
With good security hygiene and a few basic measures you’ll be able to more effectively block, contain, and negate the impact of ransomware.
Erin O’Malley's picture
To understand SIEM, it’s important to first understand when people started to care about network security. And to do that, we need to take a step back in time.
Jennifer Blatnik's picture
Listen to your coach. Similar to the Olympics, a CSO or CISO needs to be able to lead their team and consider the impact they will have on the broader organization.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
Even the best security analysts need high quality, high fidelity base points/jumping off points from which to enter into productive, value-added work.
Nathaniel Gleicher's picture
Cybersecurity defenders face a similar problem to the Secret Service: they are defending high-value assets that must be protected, but also have to speak to hundreds or thousands of other servers.
Wade Williamson's picture
There are computers within our computers that are largely beyond the scope of security, yet control everything we think we know about the device.
Jim Ivers's picture
Organizations should fear security concerns when considering moving applications to the cloud. But they need to recognize that moving web applications to the cloud does not make them secure.