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Cisco warns customers of critical vulnerability in email security appliances caused by an interface that should have been removed after testing [Read More]
Building automation products from American Auto-Matrix are plagued by high-severity flaws that allow remote hackers to compromise the system [Read More]
Cybercriminals using Tofsee malware have recently switched the distribution method from exploit kits to spam emails [Read More]
Zerodium offers $1.5 million for fully functional and reliable iOS 10 remote exploits, and $200,000 for Android exploits of the same character. [Read More]
The infamous Dridex banking Trojan has adopted new tactics and more advanced encryption and obfuscation to better avoid detection and to hinder security analysis, researchers warn. [Read More]
Your payment card data might be of interest to a duo of cybercriminals that FireEye refers to as the “Vendetta Brothers.” [Read More]
Companies spend big money on bug bounty programs to catch vulnerabilities they could have easily identified and fixed in the development phase [Read More]
Is your security program paying off for the business? Most organizations are looking at the wrong information and data for measuring security effectiveness. If you can’t properly measure your security posture, how do you know it’s working? How do you improve it? [Read More]
Peter “Pierre” Romar, the 36-year-old Syrian Electronic Army member arrested in Germany, pleads guilty to hacking and extortion [Read More]
Security researchers have discovered numerous unpatched security vulnerabilities in the D-Link DWR-932B LTE router / access point, including backdoor accounts and default Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) PIN. [Read More]

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Ashley Arbuckle's picture
But by asking these key questions you can understand what’s required to proactively detect and respond to today’s malicious and complex attacks.
David Holmes's picture
SWEET32 is probably not something that an enterprise administrator needs to lose sleep over. Very likely, we will never see a SWEET32 attack in the wild, just as we never have for POODLE or BEAST.
Rafal Los's picture
How do you win when you don’t know the rules? Adaptation is key. Even if you don’t know the rules, you know the game.
Ken McAlpine's picture
Perhaps it’s time to look at Open Security as the next necessary iteration of deploying security technology.
Jim Ivers's picture
When will automakers speak up about the measures they have taken to test the software embedded in their vehicles?
Barak Perelman's picture
Securing ICS networks is an extremely challenging task, as they lack many of the threat monitoring, detection, and response capabilities commonly found in IT infrastructures.
Dan Cornell's picture
Security teams and DevOps teams aren’t always on the same page and the lack of communication often results in misaligned priorities that significantly inhibit productivity.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
Everyone loves a pretty picture or a slick graph, but very rarely do these supposed visualizations add any real value to security operations.
Wade Williamson's picture
A data center will often encounter an attacker at a far more mature phase of attack than the perimeter will, and likewise, will experience different types of threats and attack techniques.
Adam Meyer's picture
Cyber threat intelligence isn’t just another tool or layer of protection for your organization. It’s a capability that drives more effective cybersecurity decisions and more investment.