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Cisco has disrupted an Angler EK-powered ransomware campaign that helped cybercriminals make up to $30 million per year.
HDRoot is a bootkit used by the Chinese APT Winnti to maintain persistence and deliver backdoors
Few in America's Silicon Valley could have predicted that a young Austrian law graduate who spent a semester studying there would one day become high-tech companies' worst nightmare.
Google on Monday released a security update for Nexus devices, aimed at resolving critical "Stagefright 2.0." vulnerabilities the media playback engine in Android.
Cisco has made some improvements to its security vulnerability advisories based on customer feedback.
A threat group breached a company’s webmail server and used the access to steal credentials and maintain persistence.
The nuclear industry still doesn’t fully understand the risk posed by cyberattacks, according to a new report from Chatham House.
North Korea is suspected of having launched a cyber attack last year on the South Korean capital's subway system that carries millions of commuters every day, a Seoul lawmaker said Monday, citing intelligence reports.
iOS malware dubbed YiSpecter abuses private APIs and enterprise certificates to infect jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.
A serious vulnerability has been found in the Jetpack plugin for WordPress. Developers patch issue in version 3.7.1.

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Nate Kube's picture
Since the ratification of IEC 62443, updates to this international industrial controls standard have been published to move systems integration work forward.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
Let’s face it. Most people in the world in which we live are not very security literate. To learn security lessons from the “unwashed masses”, we must first understand what security means to them.
Rafal Los's picture
It’s your job to understand your limitations on the understanding of risk and to responsibly formulate defensible calculations that drive your tactics and strategy. Using “probability” as a metric is not only black magic, but it’s going to give you the wrong answer.
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The true value of identity is not in creating more defense in depth, which means that identity is not the new perimeter.
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For CISOs and security directors, recruiting and retaining talent for their security teams is more challenging than keeping pace with technology.
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Even some of the most “well-to-do” of companies often skimp on cyber defense or simply don’t prioritize it sufficiently.
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If LE succeeds, it might influence the rest of the CA industry to get its act together. It might drive many of the slightly sketchy bargain CA companies out of the market.
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IoT opens up companies all over the world to more security threats, and only time will tell if the IoT vendor community can come together to create a common security framework that helps shrink the security risk iceberg and minimize the risk of cyber-attacks.
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The global cybersecurity skills shortage isn’t going away any time soon. But by attacking it on multiple fronts we can proactively work to address it
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US intel chief warns that Russian hackers have been targeting critical infrastructure ICS. Security experts say the threat is real.